A shiny new year

Literally, a shiny new year…..because in the wee hours of January 1, 2021, we were blessed with an “ice event.” This is what greeted us in the dawn of a new year.

Just before Christmas, I got a new phone. Since I don’t live on my phone 24/7, it was not necessary to have one of the Samsung Galaxy flagship phones (upwards of $800+) so I decided on the more reasonable Galaxy A71 model. Really, all I want in a phone is good call reception, a decent camera and enough space that I’m not running out after downloading a few apps. Cabo and I have been touring the yard and I got to play with some of the cameraphone settings. Here’s how our 2021 looks so far. In a word….shiny.

One of my settings is a macro lens.

A bit blurry when I get up close and personal, but I’m getting used to it.

When we went outside, the trees were crackling in the breeze. We didn’t lose any major branches, but a few limbs came down here and there.

Our white pine tree sort of looked like palm trees.

Did I mention the macro setting?

I couldn’t believe the detail of this little tree twig completely encased in the ice. By now, my fingers are getting very numb so I’m done.

I wish for everyone to shine as we move forward into this new year. But, if you missed my previous post, please take a moment and look in Hindsight at the lessons we should have learned before we ditch 2020 altogether.

8 thoughts on “A shiny new year

  1. GLORIOUS ice photos, Lisa! And I love how you included one as your blog header!

    And congrats on your new phone. It takes GREAT photos. And like you, I’m not spending a fortune on a phone, no way. And also like, you I don’t live on my phone 24/7. In fact, I even turn it off at some point in the evening.

    I really love the photo of the icicles dripping from that wooden (fence/ door). And the macro setting is AWESOME!

    Have a superb week, my friend!

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