February Photo Challenge: I Spy

Two months into 2021 and I don’t have a lot to show for it, photo-wise. A polar vortex descended with vengeance on the middle of the country, plunging temps into the single digits and (negative single digits) with waaaay below zero wind chills. I didn’t venture out for much of anything that wasn’t essential. And then there was snow, which doesn’t melt when the temps are 5F.

So, while others may have been wildly creative for PJ’s February prompt of I Spy with My Little Eye, I didn’t feel very inspired this month.

I Spy a 7-year-old
Twix turned seven at the beginning of the month and we celebrated her birthday dinner at….Culver’s….because really good ice cream is a priority when it comes to a birthday dinner when one is seven years old. “We” were not all there, as Entrepreneur had just had another brain surgery the day before, so he was otherwise engaged. I did spy an impressive incision on Entrepreneur’s head, but I’ll spare everyone the gruesomeness of what it looked like.

I Spy a shaggy dog
Cabo is lookin’ pretty shaggy these days. It’s been before Christmas the last time he had a spa day and it shows! But, it’s okay since I’m sure he appreciated having the extra fur when he went outside.

I Spy a sign of spring
These came in the mail and I’m not going to lie….I got pretty excited at the idea winter just might eventually leave.

I Spy a second sign of spring
Okay, I did venture outside once the snow had melted and temps started to warm. I surveyed some of the gardens and found these little gems pushing up from the frozen ground.

I Spy a sign of hope
Because of his cancer, Entrepreneur and I were allowed to get vaccinated and completed our second COVID vaccine this month. This gives me hope life will return to some semblance of normal this year. The side effects 12 hours later ran over me like a truck. If that would be considered a mild case of COVID, I would not wish a full-blown case on anyone.

There are my I Spy Five for February. Please take a moment and visit PJ’s to see what others spied this month. Since March is coming in like a lamb, I wonder if that lion is going to rear its head by the end of the month! PH’s theme for March will be Eight….for the eight years he’s been hosting this challenge. Why not join us? Post five pics related to the theme with or without commentary and join the Linky party! It’s easy.

14 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge: I Spy

  1. Happy Birthday Twix! Hey, there’s a Culver’s down the road from us, they have good burgers too. I’m glad you two got your shots, we’ve both had our 1st and will be getting our 2nd mid March.

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  2. ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Twix,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫

    Ice cream is always important to me too and not just for birthdays.

    Prayers for hubby.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

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  3. I got my first shot, second due March 24. Daughter’s husband’s second shot reaction has me prepared to spend a day in bed afterwards. They got theirs before me because they’re teachers.

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  4. I know, Lisa, can you believe we’re already two months into 2021!?!?

    What an adorable photo of Twix. Love her birthday crown! I cannot believe that she’s already 7-years old.

    And Cabo. He is so dang cute! I swear, if he were my dog, I’d be hugging and kissing him all the time. LOVE his fur!

    “Because of his cancer, Entrepreneur and I were allowed to get vaccinated and completed our second COVID vaccine this month. This gives me hope life will return to some semblance of normal this year.”

    That’s AWSOME! And yes, I’ve heard from customers who have come into where I work who have had both doses of the vaccine and they shared the same thing. Most of them were in the medical field and said that the side effects were intense.

    Have a great week, my friend! X

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  5. Cabo and Twix melted my heart like wax! What a couple of cuties. Happy Birthday to that sweet young lady. I hope her day was extra special!

    I am grateful you recovered well from the second COVID shot. The reaction can be pretty awful. As you say, probably not nearly as severe as most people are having to COVID itself.

    Indeed, Spring is almost here! We also received Gurney’s information in the mail. We’ve been gearing up for all the wonders of blooms after the winter rest.

    Sending my love & prayers to you and your family. I hope each of you are well. 😘

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  6. Happy Birthday, Twix! Seven – that’s exciting!
    Love any sign of spring, and “congrats” on getting the vaccine!
    As for March, I keep seeing the meme that says “Who allowed March back – after the way it behaved last year?”

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  7. Great set of shots for this month’s challenge. Glad to see that you’ve been vaccinated and I’m looking forward to getting mine. Everyone in my household, with the exception of me have gotten their first round and will be getting their second round within the next three weeks.

    Also, what kind of plant seeds did you get?

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    • Those seeds are Pickin and Grinnin bush green beans, kohlrabi and beets. We already have super sweet corn and okra. As soon as it warm a bit more, I’ll be in search of spinach and tomato plants. Hope you get your vaccine soon!


  8. I got my first one almost two weeks ago, it popped me pretty good so I’m hoping for less for number 2. I have tested positive for the antibodies so I wonder if that has something to do with it. Thanks for sharing your month with us!

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  9. Oh my, I’m so grateful that so many PBC participants have received at least one dose of vaccine already. Canada is falling behind, and the timeframe for Mr GeoK and me is likely to be May for first dose and September for our young adult “kids”. So another summer of wearing masks and trying to give folks a wide berth on the crowded hiking trails. Happy 7th birthday, Twix! We’ve been enjoying ice cream all winter…a sweet treat every few days for a dose of good cheer.

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  10. For not being inspired, you came up with a good grouping of photos for the theme. Yay on both vaccines. Here’s hoping more and more continue to get it. And here it is May and we’ve still seen a little snow (this past Saturday – not much but still) in my area of NY.

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