Hold on, it’s almost here

Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.
~Anita Krizzan

I’ve come to believe seasons are a lot like life. Seasons in life have little to do with the actual weather, and I try and see the positives about each one.

Winter (outside of the holidays) comes with its darkness, isolation and cold. If we are going through a winter season in life, we may be struggling financially or with our health. We could be facing a challenge that seems insurmountable. Relationships might be coming apart at the seams or completely ripping in half. But that’s okay. Because, when we are in a winter season, we discover strengths we didn’t know we had. Our faith deepens. And, we make plans on how to recover and rise again stronger for the struggle. Embrace the chaos and be open to what lessons are to be learned. It’s a time we can reconnect with our deeper, spiritual self and learn how to hold on to hope in the darkness.

Spring comes after winter’s challenges with its promise of new life. It’s a time when our lives show signs of new growth. This is time of opportunities and hope for the future. New life stirs in the spring and that stirring can come to us as renewal, restoration or revitalization in different areas of our lives. We are given the seeds of the future to plant and watch optimistically at what might develop. It’s time to put our plans into action. The weather may still be volatile and there are still storms, but after they pass life smells so much sweeter.

Summer is a season of growth and change, and the living’ is easy. Seeds planted in spring have taken root and are flourishing. Life is good and all is well. We are tempted to want to put life on autopilot and not worry about anything. We hang out in the hammock all day and stare at the clouds in the sky…not having a care in the world. We enjoy the fruits of our labor and life is ripe for the taking.

Autumn comes and we find ourselves reflecting on life and putting things that have happened into perspective. We assess what we’ve learned from our challenges and difficulties. We wrap ourselves in the cozy realization of just how much we truly have to thankful for because we’ve learned just how fast it all can be taken away. We work on creating a safe haven for our souls, knowing there will be more winters ahead.

Each season marks a transition in our lives. There is wisdom in nature and all these seasons reflect the natural process of growth and change. How we respond to each of these seasons of life will determine what kind of journey we have. These seasons are not marked on a calendar and they are not linear. They don’t keep to a schedule and we really never know how long they are going to last.

But whatever season we are in, it’s important to make sure we’re fully present and not try and rush through it. Each season in our lives serves a purpose. Each season will equip us with what we need to handle the next one. We need to embrace each season with a faith, hope and a positive attitude.

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6 thoughts on “Hold on, it’s almost here

  1. I am so ready for this season of spring. I am so done with winter – both concerning weather and the mood of the nation – or the world, I’m not sure which. I think, however, that I shall maintain the degree if isolation that weather brings into the spring. Because right now I don’t much care for people. Sad.

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  2. LOVED this, Lisa! I too believe that the seasons are much more than having to do with actual weather. I’ve always seen the seasons as a representation of “the flow of life”, or as you said, they mark the transitions in our lives and serves a purpose.

    I couldn’t have expressed it any better than you.

    And even though I am not a fan of summer, I do believe it serves a purpose in my life. Therefore, I embrace it.

    Lovely post, my friend! X

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