April Photo Challenge: Drink up

Here we are at the end of another month and ready for another photo challenge link up with PJ over at A ‘lil Hoohaa. April’s theme was Drink Up and open to all kinds of interpretation. I’ve been knee deep up to my eyeballs drowning in reviewing 22 graphic designer strategic plan books for the class I teach, and have had very little time for anything else this month.

I’m taking a quick break to save my sanity so here are my five drinking…oops…I mean Drink Up pics.

Drink Up 1
This is how I begin my day. A cuppa hot, green tea with honey. I’ve found raw and unfiltered honey tastes light years better than the other stuff that passes for honey. My mug is hand-crafted by a potter friend and is about 20+ years old. Yes, that is snow in the background. Snow in April. Awesome.

Drink Up 2
And this is how I end most days. A glass of vino does wonders for me after a stressful day reviewing student planbook designs. My wine of choice is always some sort of Malbec from Argentina, although I’m a equal-opportunity red wine fan. As you can see from my collection of corks, I may or may not have a bit of an issue. I have more in a sack in my pantry.

Drink Up 3
Even my feathered friends enjoy a drink on warm days. I put out the hummer feeders but haven’t had any visitors yet. I also had to take them back inside when we got a late freeze and snow.

Drink Up 4
It’s finally time to throw open the windows and “drink up” that fresh, springtime air! On these lovely spring days, I’m very thankful I don’t have allergies that keep me from throwing those windows open day and night.

Drink Up 5
I think the prompt is open to a variety of “drinking” so I’m including one of Mother Nature’s drinks. My viburnum was very thankful to quench her thirst with an afternoon rain shower.

There’s my five for April’s Drink Up. Join us for May’s theme—Spring Has Sprung. Take five photos related to the monthly theme and pair with any amount of text. Link up with us and enjoy!

Now, I’m going to link up with PJ for this month’s photo challenge and then it’s back to the books…..literally.

12 thoughts on “April Photo Challenge: Drink up

  1. Lisa, I LOVE your mug, it’s beautiful! And I’m shocked that it’s 20+ years old because it looks brand new! Isn’t raw honey the best? I love it in tea with a little fresh lemon.

    And speaking of Malbec, I finally tried a bottle several months ago and really enjoyed it. Can you believe (being such a big red wine lover) that I’ve never tried a Malbec? That’s an awesome photo, by the way!

    “It’s finally time to throw open the windows and “drink up” that fresh, springtime air!”

    Hey, I’m actually doing that today! There’s a wonderful breeze outside today, so I have my windows open and the fresh air feels so good. 🙂

    Stunning shot of the viburnum!

    Well done on this photo challenge. Have a superb weekend, my friend! X

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  2. Thanks for the opportunity to “drink up” the beautiful scenes right outside your windows. We had snow several days in April…and to start the month of May. I’m sure Old Man Winter will head for the exit any day now (fingers crossed). What a lovely tea mug – it probably does a pretty good job of keeping your tea hot for a good while. Do you go for the same kind of tea every day? Or do you like to mix it up?

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  3. Hey Lisa, thanks for visiting me and welcoming me to the challenge. I’m a little behind as you can tell. Sometimes I feel like I’m a 96 crayon kinda person also. I love honey in my tea and our “good” neighbor just brought us some raw honey from his honey bees…the best. I’m a big red wine kinda gal and I did try malbec and it’s very smooth… I like! I’ve had a few hummers on my feeders and can’t keep the bird baths full…yours is beautiful by the way. I wish I could say open the doors…as I get older my allergies grow, plus the cats would try to escape. The viburnum looks like an opening to “spring has sprung”
    Have a great day!

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  4. That drop coming off the one flower is outstanding! Love that. And I’ll agree about the honey. We had some snow in April (and even a dusting May 1) … it gets so frustrating! Good job this month!

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