Our Florida vacay: part 1

After finishing my adjunct responsibilities earlier this month, Entrepreneur and skipped town to Florida to see our daughter, her husband and our two grand pups. Once on the ground in Jacksonville, we rented a car and took to the highway. Isn’t this an awesome bridge?

After we got to our daughter’s house, we proceeded to eat our way through the rest of the week beginning in Jacksonville Beach and ending in Naples. Aside from the beach, the Jax Beach area has some of the most awesome food we’ve ever eaten.

Our first night we went to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Cantina Louie, because Entrepreneur had been looking forward to having ceviche. But, I think his dink order got a little lost in translation. 🤣 🤣 🤣

We stopped for lunch one day at our favorite Italian place called Milano’s Pizza and Bar. The fettuccini alfredo is made with real cream and lots of butter. It oozes calories but it beyond delicious. The “lunch portions” fed us for two days with leftovers. And the garlic knots were homemade bread smothered in garlic butter and topped with mozzarella. I probably gained five pounds with that meal alone.

You might have missed a previous post about my newest grand pup. His name is Roscoe and he’s a golden retriever. His four-year-old sister is a lab mix and her name is Birdie. Roscoe loves his big sister. She is is favorite chew toy…and pillow. They really do get along great.

Mom’s Day brought mimosas and breakfast casserole before giving Roscoe his first trip to the beach. He promptly decided to drink the sea water…which is a doggie no-no. Redirected, he was very content to dig a hole in the sand and stick his whole head into it. He also maneuvered himself to be in someone’s shadow at all times. Smart dog.

In the South, there’s an event called a Low Country Boil where friends get together and create a stew of seasoned, fresh, local food. Plates and containers are optional accessories for the event. Sometimes the food is just thrown on a newspaper-covered table with a hole in the middle over a trash can for scraps. Most of the time, the food is a combination of shrimp, crawfish, clams, oysters, smoked sausage, corn, potatoes and other fill ins.

In addition to Mother’s Day, our daughter and husband were also celebrating their second wedding anniversary. It was good to get away and see them in person again. Our daughter, the landlocked Missourian has become a coastal Floridian and will never be land locked ever again!

And the Mother’s Day gifts were really fabulous!

Next up, part two of the Florida vacay in Naples.

7 thoughts on “Our Florida vacay: part 1

  1. Oh the food and that pasta dish. My favorite of all dishes and garlic is a must. Yummy.

    I’m not that far from Napa Valley. The wines are really good and the wineries are fun to tour.

    The pups are adorable.

    Did I tell you the food looks fabulous? I thought so.

    I’m so happy you had a great time.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. ♥

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  2. Yes, that bridge is STUNNING, Lisa! Those darker things between the bridge look like big, black bow ties!

    “But, I think his dink order got a little lost in translation.” — OMG, that is so hilarious!

    The photo of Roscoe and Birdie is adorable! And it’s funny because they DO look related!

    The picture of you and your daughter is just beautiful! And not only do you look alike, but it looks like you’re wearing almost the same nail polish color.

    As you know, I used to work for Godiva in Florida, but back then they did not make those dark chocolate sea salt caramels. And it’s good that they didn’t because I’d be stuffing my face with them every single day. 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing part 1 of your vacay, I was looking forward to it!


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