Our Florida vacay: part 2

Part two of our Florida getaway found us driving from Jax Beach diagonally across the length of the state to Naples to see Entrepreneur’s brother and SIL. They invited us to their vacay home for a few days and, hey, who were we to refuse?!

First, I’ll say Naples is a beautiful part of Florida. And….there are people with more money than sense who live there. In three days, I saw two Rolls Royces, a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. Wowza. Many of the homes are in the million dollar range.

As I said in my first vacay post, it seems like we ate our way through Florida, from Jax Beach through Naples. The first place we went in Naples was a hole in the wall called Capri Fish House. Located on the water, it was decorated with dollar bills tacked onto just about every surface of the place. It had live music and a salad so big I couldn’t even finish it. Yes, I had salad at a fish house.

The next day we went to Everglades City to our second hole in the wall called City Seafood. Definitely a destination location because I doubt if anyone but locals would opt to stop here on a whim while passing by. Not much on the outside but the view and food were great. We watched the Everglades air boats come and go.

But, be sure to keep track on your children.

The last place we went was on the other end of the spectrum and called Chops City Grill on 5th Avenue. White tablecloths, low light, a menu that boasted wagyu beef (aka: stupid expensive steak). I didn’t snap any pics because it just didn’t seem like the thing to do. Food was good but probably not worth the money.

The rest of the time, we hung out in their pool and soaked up some much-needed R&R and Vitamin D.

I was in search of large seashells so one afternoon the SIL and I went to Marco Island to see if there were any on the beach. We didn’t find any large shells on Marco, but we did find mudslides.

We’re back home in middle Missouri now just waiting for summer to hit. I’m linking up with Thankful Thursday over at Brian’s Home because I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel again and that Entrepreneur is still able to take these trips and make memories.

7 thoughts on “Our Florida vacay: part 2

  1. I’m glad you’re still making memories – sometimes we put that off and all of a sudden, t he time to do it has passed. I’m looking forward to making some memories this summer – we’ll be doing a week at the beach in July. Yay!

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  2. Lisa, isn’t the city of Naples so wow-beautiful? In all the years I lived in Florida, I’ve only been there once, but I was immediately smitten. It kind of reminded me of West Palm Beach, along Worth Ave. $$$

    Isn’t it something how the hole in the walls seem to always have the best food and atmosphere?

    OMG…I laughed my arse off at that sign about unattended children. Hilarious!

    Those mudslides look beyond delicious. YUM-MY!

    Thanks so much for sharing part 2 of your trip. Your photos made me recall so many wonderful memories of my 20 years living in the Sunshine State.

    So glad you took this trip for some sunshine and some R&R! X

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