May Photo Challenge: Spring has Sprung

Here it is June 1st and time for PJ’s monthly photo challenge. May’s prompt was Spring has Sprung. Appropriate for those in the northern hemisphere. Spring was gorgeous this year in middle Missouri. From the daffodil flowers to the redbud trees, everything seemed to be saturated in color. But, most of our color came in April this year. Here are my five for May:

Spring #1:
Winter exited and the grass took its cue to wake up and grow. Entrepreneur took Twix and headed out on the Deere.

Spring #2:
My iris flowers were lovely this year. Unfortunately, I was out of town for most of the show. Here is one of my early purple lovelies.

Spring #3:
In April, we planted the garden. Aaannnndddd then it started to rain. And rain. And rain. Almost 4 inches within a few days and it’s still coming. My green beans rotted in the ground….twice….but the kohlrabi and beets came up strong. Also, all the sweet corn came up. The peppers and tomatoes are still hanging in there.

Spring #4 and 5:
Shortly after the first of the month, we took off to Florida to see our daughter and some other family. So, we got to enjoy spring in the South. Which is a lot like spring in the Midwest, except the temperatures are about 20-30 degrees warmer. And, there are beaches.

Spring bonus:
Spring sunset in Naples. Florida.

There’s my choices for May. I’d like to say summer is in full swing here, but the temps are still lingering in the 60s to mid 70sF. And, that’s not warm, enough for the pool!

9 thoughts on “May Photo Challenge: Spring has Sprung

  1. And this week in the west, we are sweltering. 96 outside and the air conditioner is taking a break. The service person comes tomorrow and I’m praying for a quick fix because they say it will be even hotter.

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  2. Beautiful array of Spring photos, Lisa! Same here, most of our color came in April this year. The weather has been so bi-polar. We had temps in the high 90’s last week, only to drop down into the 50’s a few days later. I have a feeling it’s going to be a sweltering summer this year, but it’s going to arrive later and end up staying later — into the Fall. 😦

    The image you captured of the iris is stunning! And that Hibiscus reminded me of the years I spent living in Florida. Our home in Boca had yellow ones all around the parameter of our backyard.

    Gorgeous sunset shot!

    Great selection of images for this challenge, my friend! Have a great week! X

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