The Return to Learn 2021

Last Tuesday started another school year. It doesn’t look significantly different from last year here in the district where Peanut and Twix go to school. They were in-seat  with masks for 2020-2021 school year and did very well overall. This year, masks are required for grades K-5 and highly recommended for grades 6-12.

Every year, I try and record the beginning of the school year with photos. I’ve done this ever since Peanut was in Kindergarten. You’d think I’d have the process down pat by now, but then there’s always the “independent attitude” variable which impacts how much success we have. This year, we have a second grader and a seventh grader….who don’t like being in the same room together, but less the same driveway. But, to appease the Nana, they did cooperate for almost an hour.

First, we have second grade Twix.

So far, so good. Now we have the almost teenager.

And then we have these……

Here is the “if looks could kill” glare at her sister for trying to help pose her.

I think the shirt says it all.

And the obligatory tween/teen angst shot.

Linking up with Brian for Thankful Thursday. I’m thankful their school district successfully navigated last year’s in-seat learning, and they are in-seat again this year so they aren’t falling behind in their academics (and I don’t have to home school every day!). And, I’m thankful I’m still able to document these milestones in their lives.

8 thoughts on “The Return to Learn 2021

  1. Your photos are great, despite the challenges of photographing the teen and tween. School here is starting out in-seat, but masked and with a 3′ spacing between desks – except, of course, the classrooms are not all large enough to allow that spacing with the numbers of students enrolled, and there is concern because they will have to eat lunch in the classroom (which requires masks be removed). With the Delta surge in our state, we could well end up back to Zoom classes, I fear. This week is teacher training, students start next week, and Kat is looking forward to their arrival, but with some reservations.

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  2. I love that you do this. I took photos of my niece on her 1st day from preschool to college and I am trying with my great-nieces. Your granddaughters are beautiful. XO

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  3. Lisa, these photograph are FAB-U-LOUS! Labeling and dating the photos with chalk was such a creative and clever idea!

    The last 6 shots are hilarious! It blows my mind how much Twix has grown because I remember seeing photos of when she was first born. Times flies, doesn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing, my friend. Thoroughly enjoyed these!

    Have an awesome weekend! And remember, Autumn is on its way! Yahoooooooooo!


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