September Photo Challenge: It’s Your World

Here it is the first of October and PJ’s challenge for September was It’s Your World. Most of September was getting ready for a much-needed vacay for Entrepreneur and me so I planned to include a trip to Mexico as part of my world this month. But, we were exposed to Covid two days before our flight and that sort of rocked our world. We had to cancel our flights and reservations at the last minute and self-quarantine until we could get tested so…….my world went very, unexpectedly, upside down this month.

My little corner of the world is preparing for Autumn and not a minute too soon. I’m ready for fall everything. We’re spending time outside and the windows stay open day and night until night temps dip into the 40F.

It’s Your World 1
In my world, we tie dye outside when time/weather permits. Peanut and Twix love everything tie dye. I think we’re getting pretty good at it.

It’s Your World 2
In my world, there is always a fur baby of some sort. Y’all know Cabo….the 4 1/2 year old doodle dog; my therapist and confidant. My other fur baby is Bridget, the kitty who, at 16+ years old, prefers to keep to herself….especially when Cabo is inside. She comes to cuddle late in the evening when everyone else is sleeping.

It’s Your World 3
Along with fur babies there are grandbabykins in my world….who aren’t so babykin anymore. September brings two birthdays. This September Peanut officially morphed into a teenager and Entrepreneur celebrated another year, post cancer diagnosis…although it was in quarantine (Twix was with us in quarantine).

It’s Your World 4
I share my world with a host of creepy crawlies, animals and other residents of the natural world. This walking stick appears every now and then. I also have skinks, dragon/damsel flies, praying mantis, frogs, toads, and an assortment of spiders, butterflies and other insects. We also have squirrels, bunnies, fox, owls, hawks, wild turkeys and deer that wander in and out of the yard. Plus, the occasional snake. Sometimes we can hear coyotes in the distance.

It’s Your World 5
Walking in my world gives me an opportunity to capture some of the beautiful wildflowers growing in and around the untamed areas of the neighborhood. The daisies, milkweed, chicory and honeysuckle are finished, and now the goldenrod and thistle are showing off their colors.

It’s Your World Bonus
We rescue hurt animals in my world. If you missed my previous post, this is Romeo. He’s a juvenile ruby throat hummingbird who I rescued out of the garden because he couldn’t fly. He had some head trauma because he wouldn’t self-feed. We think he may have gotten into a tussle with another bird that caused him to end up on the ground. He is rehabbing in a wild bird rehab center in St. Louis. The director of the center texts me picture of his progress from time to time. He seems to be doing better.

That’s a little glimpse of my world. Please visit PJ’s page to see other parts of our bloggy world!

12 thoughts on “September Photo Challenge: It’s Your World

  1. What a wonderful month you’ve had. A birthday for hubby and I remember you saving that bird. Bless you.

    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Entrepreneur,♪♫
    ♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Lisa. ♥

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  2. “My little corner of the world is preparing for Autumn and not a minute too soon. I’m ready for fall everything. We’re spending time outside and the windows stay open day and night until night temps dip into the 40F.”

    A-MEN and me too, Lisa! In fact, yesterday was the first day I wore one of my black turtleneck shirts. OMG…I am sooooooo happy about this cooler weather!!!!

    Beautiful shots! I love the tie dye one in particular because it reminds me of the 60’s, when I would tie dye was a HUGE thing.

    So happy to read on your Instagram feed about testing negative for COVID. That’s awesome!

    Stellar capture of the insect!

    Well done on this challenge, my friend. Have a superb weekend, and Happy Autumn! X

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  3. This darn pandemic is dragging out… so sorry about your trip!
    Looks as if you made the best of your home bound time though. Happy celebrations going on!
    Romeo is one lucky little bird he fell into your loving hands!

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  4. You continue to inspire with your “make the best of” your world photographs and descriptions. Thanks for that…we need all the positivity we can find these days. The tie-dye artistry is amazing, and in one of my favourite colour palettes, too. As for keeping windows open as long as possible into the fall, we’re doing the same thing, especially since our 25 y.o. moved back in for a few months. Even though we’re all “one household” now, better to have that fresh air circulating. And lucky you for having Twix with you while you waited, with bated breath, I’m sure, for the all clear from COVID. Finally, thanks for including the stick insect photo – I’ve never seen one IRL. They look like something from another world.

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  5. The teenage years! Great set of photos for this theme. I feel like I may need to do something like this with the whole “world” part once a year. It really is fun peeking into the world of somebody with a truly broad-ranged theme,

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