January Photo Challenge: Black and White

PJ’s photo challenge prompt for January is Black and White. While the obvious comes to mind in photography, when we stop to think about it, very few things in life are black…and/or…white—metaphorically speaking. Most of life is made up of various shades of gray. Issues and topics are nuanced and steeped in gray areas, despite what our political tribes tell us. But that’s a post for another day.

For today, I take a little lighter approach and share five photos depicting black and white.

Black and White 1
A literal representation of black and white, my “L” mug has lived in my cabinet for years; a gift from an intern when I worked in an ad agency. It’s a large mug and gets to come out when I want a very large cup of hot chocolate—like on this day when we woke up to a white world outside. You might ask why there are chairs set up waaayyyy out in the yard? See my next entries.

Black and White 2
The black and white world came in overnight and left about 3 inches of the white stuff on everything. This shot is not converted to black and white. To celebrate, we had an impromptu bonfire party with the neighbors to burn all the tree trimmings and garden clean up that had been piling up throughout the year. Hot dogs and s’mores were on the menu…and some adult beverages to keep us warm-er while socializing outside.

Black and White 3
Just a couple days before the winter wonderland scene, Cabo and I were walking in 50F weather! I love seed heads that are on the down side of their life cycle. In color, this one has the setting sun in the background on the left. When converted to black and white, the focus is more on the detail in the seed head.

Black and White 4
A black and white tea towel that has never been used as such. It appropriately hangs on a cabinet pull above the cabinet where we keep bar glasses. True words….physically and metaphorically.

Black and White 5
No photo challenge would really be complete without Cabo. The day before our impromptu bonfire party, he had a spa day and a lot of his natural coat was taken off to keep from getting matted (as doodles tend to do). This is why he was sporting a handsome, flannel doggie coat during our time outside in the 10F weather. He probably didn’t really need it, but I think he looks adorable.

Black and White Bonus
After the hours spent outside in the cold with the bonfire party, we spent the rest of the evening curled up in a warm house.

Those are my contributions to PJ’s Black and White prompt. Please visit his site to see how others interpreted the January prompt.

I leave you today with this music video appropriately titled Black and White. As a teenager of the 70s, I grew up on a steady diet of Three Dog Night. Despite the identity politics being shoved at everyone now, I believe this is more in keeping with how the majority of people of all colors feel about the topic.

11 thoughts on “January Photo Challenge: Black and White

  1. Love the clean up bonfire party! I think you created a new tradition!
    I saw Cabo in his coat in a color picture and thought he looked super cute in it!
    Nice towel! I have one that says “A day that starts with coffee and ends with wine is a good day!”

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  2. Good job with this theme! That snow… seems winters tend to start in January now. We have some coming most likely at the end of this week. It’s still nuts to think I’ve only used my snow blower once this year. And I’m sure Cabo enjoyed curling up after a day outside having fun!

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  3. True words to go with your great photos…. we live in shades of grey, but today’s issues have become very black and white. I actually don’t think January is a black and white month. Because the days are very short, sunrise and sunset happen at very good times enabling me to get out and shoot some lovely scenes. Perhaps I will be able to capture some more for the February “Photographer’s Choice” theme. I have that 3DN song on my popular favourites music playlist…. good one! Cheers!

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  4. Yep, everything is shades of grey…or at least it used to be. With the continuing decline in civil discourse, it seems everything is black and black these days. And the more you try to reason with someone, the more entrenched views become. Yet another reason I am so grateful for this photo blogging challenge and the chance to blog hop and be supportive. So far, every post I’ve visited has featured snow…a natural white background for just about anything. This is the time of year when the seedheads from last year’s blossoms remind us of the sweet-smelling blooms of colour that will soon appear. And then Cabo won’t need a fuzzy overcoat to stay warm when outdoors. Stay well!

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