February Photo Challenge: Photographer’s Choice

Oh boy….am I late to the Linky party this month. PJ’s prompt for February was Photographer’s Choice and you’ll see a definite theme running through all my photos.

Our family just returned from a winter vacay to Cancun, Mexico. And, again, we weren’t completely sure it was going to happen because Entrepreneur’s mom took another fall and fractured two vertebrae in her neck. After surgery to fuse them together, we worked to put a plan in place that would allow Entrepreneur to go on vacation for a week….a vacay that he desperately needed….one that had been canceled twice already.

I pulled five six out of the gigabytes of photos taken to share with you.

Paradise 1
Mexico is our go-to place for winter vacation…specifically Cancun. We’ve been to Cabo, Acapulco and Playa del Carmen but Cancun is where we feel most comfortable. We started this family vacay tradition when our daughters were in elementary school. We now have a new generation hooked.

Paradise 2
Sometimes a shot just wanders in front of the camera. While looking at the ocean, I turned around to see this silhouetted against the blazing sunset.

Paradise 3
I took Peanut to see the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza and one of the stops was a cenote named Ik Kil. It’s 85 feet below the surface and is fed by rain and ground water. It’s 200 feet wide and no one has touched the bottom after diving off the limestone platforms. The water is a “refreshing” 70F/21C.

Paradise 4
The Hotel Zone in Cancun can boast of both sunrises and sunsets over the water. This sunset was captured while enjoying dinner and margaritas on a boardwalk overlooking the inland lake called Nichupte Lagoon. 

Paradise 5
Not to be outdone, the sunrises put on an equally magnificent show. I’m not normally up at zero-dark-thirty when on vacation, but when Peanut and I went on our day trip, we were waiting for the tour bus at 7am….perfect timing.

Paradise Bonus
Another family vacay is on the books. This one was important as we never know which family vacay will be Entrepreneur’s last one. It’s a challenge to coordinate eight people to get to one place around the same time, but once we get there, the memories are worth the effort.

There’s my Photographer Choice five-ish. I encourage you to stop by PJ’s place to see what other’s shared this month.  Please consider joining us next month!

28 thoughts on “February Photo Challenge: Photographer’s Choice

  1. Beautiful photos. I’ve never been to Cancun. We were supposed to go on a trip with my husband’s company but the trip was two weeks after 9/11 and I was terrified to travel. It probably would have been a very safe time to go!

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  2. GORGEOUS images, Lisa! I’ve never been to Cancun, but these remind me so much of South Florida. I love how you captured the silhouette of the palm trees against that beautiful sky. And oh my, that third photo down is gorgeous! It love how you can see the people along the upper edge looking down at the people in the water.

    Aren’t sunsets and sunrises pretty spectacular? Those are my favorite times of the day.

    That family photo shot is SO. MUCH. FUN!

    Glad you and Entrepreneur were able to take this vacay, you both deserved it. And it looks like you had a faaaaabulous time.

    Have a super weekend, my friend! X

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  3. Thank you for the mini tropical vacation this afternoon…a welcome break from the fresh snow on the other side of my window. 🙂 So glad you were able to figure out the logistics for everyone to be together for at least part of the two weeks. And also glad you included the bonus picture…that’s a keeper for sure…and makes me wonder how many resort communities have similar signs. Banff installed one a few years ago (although it’s much more muted…looks like dark brown tree bark) and then a second, smaller one during COVID. There are almost always line ups for pictures at the first one.

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    • The cenotes in Mexico are amazing. This is probably the one that is most popular. There were cenotes that were used in the past for human sacrifice during Mayan rituals but those are not tourist attractions!


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