April Photo Challenge: Enjoy Life

Wow. April is gone and it’s already May 3rd! April was a busy month with much of my time spent with needy college senior students with their capstone project. I didn’t get a lot of photos partly because of my schedule and partly because of the stinking’ weather here in middle Missouri. If it was warm, we had 30 mph wind. If it was mild, it was raining.

PJ’s prompt for April was Enjoy Life. This month, enjoying life was a mixed bag of options.

Enjoying Life 1
Cabo certainly enjoys life! As one spoiled pupper, overall, he has life pretty darn easy. And, when he can find a stick….life is really enjoyable!

Enjoying Life 2
I can’t remember life without some sort of fur baby in my house. Probably because that has never happened! Even though they can be infuriating difficult frustrating challenging, overall I find life with fur babies enjoyable…and preferable. Cabo secretly loves Bridget and she will tolerate him from time to time. Sweet moments like this are very enjoyable to me.

Enjoying Life 3
When it was warm enough to be outside, there was usually a 30 mph “breeze.” When it wasn’t blowing me off balance, it was raining. Sometimes it was both rainy and windy, which was not enjoyable. But, spring color of any kind is so enjoyable to see after a long, hard winter.

Enjoying Life 4 and 5
Easter fell in April this year and it was enjoyable to celebrate the holiday with family who live locally. The grand girls are growing up too fast but they still like their Easter baskets and egg hunts…even if the eggs have to be hidden inside because it’s too darn cold and windy to be outside.

Bonus Enjoying Life
Enjoying life might be more of a mindset than taking part in events. As a Christian, I enjoy life because Jesus ransomed his life for mine to reconcile me back to a holy God. This allows me to live in freedom, appreciating everything I have been given. Easter is such a special holiday and each year, as my faith matures, it takes on a deeper meaning.

How do you enjoy life? Check out PJ’s link party to see how others enjoy life around the world. 

13 thoughts on “April Photo Challenge: Enjoy Life

  1. Looks like you had a great April. Our weather is about the same as yours. It’s blowing here right now. Oh well.

    Cabo is cute and I like it that’s he’s spoiled. As it should be.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week, Lisa. ♥

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  2. How do I enjoy life? With my fur babies, with my grown-up used-to-be babies, in the garden, at my loom, with a book (Kindle). Love your photos – and Genna is getting so tall but Josie’s not that far behind.

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  3. Outstanding selection of photographs for this challenge, Lisa!

    Of course, because you know how much I LOVE Cabo, that first photo made me SMILE 🙂 What a cute little furry face he has! And OMG, the one of he and Bridget is just too dang PRECIOUS. My family used to have both dogs and cats as pets, and they always cuddled together, licked each other, and got along famously. So, I never understood that saying, “They fight like cats and dogs.”

    Your family photos is so beautiful! And you all look WONDERFUL!

    Well done, my friend. And have a terrific weekend! X

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  4. An attitude of gratitude…and enjoyment… comes through in all your photographs. Your growing-too-quickly grands are lucky to have so many great photos of special moments in their lives. The magnolia tree blossoms are a much needed touch of spring. Here it is, May 9th, and we woke up to about 3 inches of fresh snow covering everything. In fact, it’s a good thing the leaves and blossoms aren’t out on the trees here, or the weight would break a bunch of branches!!

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  5. It looks like you enjoyed life a bit more than you thought in April. I’ll agree to a point with the whole pet thing … but I will say this — I went six years in between my last cat and Harper and it wasn’t the worst thing. I’m not sure if I’ll ever have another dog after Harper (and hopefully she’s around for a long time) because it takes me a long time to get over things. And I have to be honest — sometimes it’s hard when I want to get out and do something and have to worry about her!

    Here’s hoping for better weather all around!

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    • I understand what you’re saying about not having fur babies and schedules! Entrepreneur would love to take an extended trip (3 months) somewhere warm in the winter, but logistics say otherwise!


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