May Photo Challenge: One Hour

This month, PJ’s prompt was One Hour. This is open to all kinds of interpretation. I considered taking five photos at the same hour of the day but that’s too much pressure for me right now. Plus, I’m trying hard to be retired and reduce my daily expectations.

I opted to post photos of activities/events that spanned an hour of time.

One Hour Lunch
Mother’s Day was spent in town at brunch with Entrepreneur’s mom, our daughter and her family. The Monday after Mother’s Day, we drove two and a half hours to have a late Mom’s Day lunch with my mom. Lunch took one hour at a local restaurant and then we had to drive back home two and a half hours. The time wasn’t long enough to spend with her so I’ll be scheduling a few days to come up and spend time with her this summer.

One Hour Transformation
Teenage Peanut had her end-of-the-year band and choir concert in May. From start to finish, it took one hour for her to transform from an awkward 13-year-old teenager into what looked like a 21-year old young woman. It was both amazing and terrifying.

One Hour Quiet Time
When the morning is nice and not too humid, I prefer to take time and drink my tea on the patio. Lately, I’ve been marking out one hour to read this book and then try and put it into practice the rest of the day.

One Hour Fun Run
Entrepreneur took one hour out of his day to go watch Twix in the Second Grade Invitational Fun Run. This group was scheduled to run a mile but because the weather was in the 90+F, they reduced the laps from four to three. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun to me.

One Hour Replacement
Our garbage disposal broke a seal and had to be replaced. Entrepreneur took it upon himself to play plumber and electrician and replace it himself. One hour later, we are still tag teaming…he, with his head craned under the sink, while I’m reading the enclosed instructions to him. Bonus photos: the side of the box where is says THREE simple steps and the instruction sheet, which has no less than 20 steps. Nothing is ever easy.

Those are my five for the month. I hope you all had a wonderful May and enjoyed many hours of fun! Won’t you please join in the Photo Blogging Challenge for June? The theme is Water and you only need five photos. Descriptions and commentary are up to you.

9 thoughts on “May Photo Challenge: One Hour

  1. We don’t repair much around here. We hire the professionals to do this kind of thing. It’s quicker and for us cheaper. Hubby makes it worse and it costs more to fix what he broke.

    Your parents and your shot together is so precious. Made me smile.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Lisa. ♥

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  2. What a diverse post!
    Glad you got to see your Mom for Mother’s Day. I’m sure she appreciated your driving that long!
    Peanut’s transformation is stunning indeed!
    In Switzerland we don’t have garbage disposals like you. On the plus side, we don’t have garbage disposals that may brake 😉
    I love the “one hour of quiet time”, i used to call it “ultimate freedom”.

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  3. Great minds think alike…or so they say…and who am I to argue when at least two of us came up with the same approach to “one hour”. 😉 Another great set of photos, beautifully family-centric as usual. I enjoy my one hour winddown in the evenings, which usually includes a bit of reading time. I’m inspired by your post to try moving it outside, at least until the mosquitos get bad.

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  4. I love your interpretation of the theme. It’s kind of interesting, if one thinks about it, how long or short an hour can be. As for the transformation photo — I’m in agreement on the terrifying part. Kids seems to want to grow up too fast!

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