June Photo Challenge: Water

June was a blur. I thought May was busy, but it paled in comparison to June. I was busy outside living life so I wasn’t spending much time inside on my computer. PJ’s prompt for June was water; appropriate for the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere. Water comes in many shapes and forms so there was a lot of options from which to pick ideas.

My ideas this month are more on the traditional side this time.

Water 1: Water Relay Races
The first of June our church pulls together our version of Vacation Bible School called Kids Club. This is not your mother’s VBS….we have 700+ Kids Clubbers with almost as many junior and adult volunteers. You can read about it HERE. It’s four days of fun, fellowship, biblical teachings and….yes….water games! When it’s 90F+ in middle Missouri, water games are much appreciated.

Water 2: Water/Mud Slide
After activities close on the fourth night of Kids Club, a 100-foot mud/water slide is open to all junior leaders, leaders and their families. Some junior leaders were (un)fortunate enough to end up being “sacrifice slimed” during the games so I believe the water slide is designed to help get their shirts clean!

Water 3: Water Dog
Cabo loves the water and when Twix is in the pool with a water gun, he’s all there.

Water 4: Water Girl
Twix loves water and as soon as the pool is set up, she is in it. This year she waited until the water was 80F. Still too chilly for me. Give the girl a popsicle and she is happy!

Water 5: Natural Beauty
The end of June, Entrepreneur and I took a get-away to meet some friends from California. We met in Vegas and used it as a base to drive to some of the canyons in Utah. The only bodies of water in Vegas are the pools so we drove to Zion National Park to take in the natural beauty of the area. There will be more in a later post, but here’s a glimpse of water from the Virgin River that runs through the canyon. For me, this trumps the lights of Vegas every time.

Water Bonus: Bellagio Fountains
While in Vegas, we ate at our favorite restaurant on the strip named Hexx. It has a spectacular view of the Bellagio Hotel/Casino fountains across the street. The fountains “perform” to music every 15 to 30 minutes. It’s one of the few things I prefer to see on the strip. This shot was taken as the sun was setting behind the building and fountains.

Those are my favorites for June’s Water prompt. Please make sure to visit PJ’s place and check out some more water fun.

8 thoughts on “June Photo Challenge: Water

  1. Refreshing picture!
    Can’t wait for that Zion post! I love this area.
    Actually 80°F sounds like a human water temperature.
    The Bellagio fountain! Probably my favorite attraction in Las Vegas. I haven’t heard of the Hexx restaurant. ONCE we make it back to the U.S. and Vegas, I need to remember to check it out.

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  2. Such a great set of photos. Dogs and water, I’m finding, are a great mix. And I can’t blame twix — being in the water is nice. Zion is a park that’s on my list. Hopefully those temps in Missouri (and surrounding states) aren’t like that come September. I’m doing a random trip with a friend and Harper and I think we’ll be clipping Missouri as part of it.

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  3. EXCELLENT photos for this challenge, Lisa! I love how you captured the water drops in the air in that first shot!!! And that one of Cabo is so PRECIOUS! Cabo in ACTION. You GO, boy!

    Looking at the blowup pool reminded me of my own childhood, because we had one of those in our backyard during the summer months too. What fun!

    Canyon shot is A-MAZING! And the final one in Vegas instantly reminded me of the summer I spent there.

    Well done, Lisa! X

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  4. It’s been a long time since we spent any time at Zion, but I don’t remember visiting that Canyon with the Virgin River…a good reason to return some day. And also to Vegas, to check out Hexx restaurant and the Bellagio fountain show. Just checked out the menu and it looks amazing. As for the kids and dogs water shots, all winners. Hope you’re staying cool and that July is less hectic than May and June…and that you’re all better.

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