What happens in Vegas……

….evidently doesn’t stay in Vegas.


Recently, we met friends from California in Vegas for a week of sun and fun. We make a trip to Fremont Street (don’t recommend) and have dinner on the Strip at Alexxa’s (highly recommend). We take a couple days and drive to see Utah’s Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park (post still coming together) and hang out at the pool in the 107F heat with adult beverages.

We are very careful in the airports and in crowds. We don’t gamble and have no interest in being around that much humanity. We’ve been vaxxed and boosted twice. All seems fine. Until it is not.

Monday, July 4th (three to six days since the possible exposure): Celebrating Independence Day with our daughter and Peanut with some pool time and grilling. Watching the neighbors set off monstrous fireworks in the evening. Perry goes to bed with “sinus issues from the firework smoke.” Not unreasonable since he does have a history of sinus problems.

Tuesday, July 5th: Complaining he is tired, it was understandable since we had just spent the week in the heat and hiking around canyons. Plus, his immunotherapy session was that morning, which always makes him fatigued. Still having “sinus issues.”

Wednesday, July 6th: He sprawls on the couch for the morning with no energy or motivation to do anything. Understandable since his “sinus issues” kept him coughing and congested all night. He’s now running a low-grade fever.

Thursday, July 7th: I break out the home Covid test and make him take it. Two lines in less than five minutes….indicating a high viral load. Well…..@#$* My throat begins to feel scratchy. Fatigue sets in during the evening.

Friday, July 8th: My Covid test is positive. Our daughter tests positive. Peanut tests negative so far.

We’re almost five days into symptoms and weathering it okay. Other than my throat feeling like it’s on fire and and serious desire to nap, I’ve only experienced a slight headache and some body aches. Entrepreneur run a low-grade fever off and on and is congested, but still mowed the grass and did some other yard projects. He doesn’t have any breathing issues but is more fatigued than normal. As usual, he won’t stop.

We believe the vaccinations and boosters lessened the severity of the virus, and we’re extremely thankful. It goes to show that no matter how careful a person is, sooner or later we all are going to get it. The only question is how bad.

12 thoughts on “What happens in Vegas……

  1. My daughter got it, despite the fact that she was fully masked whenever she left the house and all of her students and co-teachers were masked. Like you, we are fully vaccinated and boosted so her case was also pretty mild, and despite the fact we were together the evening before and shared a goodnight hug, I did not get it, nor did her husband.

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  2. “the vaccinations and boosters lessened the severity of the virus … we all are going to get it. The only question is how bad.” Yep. Science being science and all, the analysis behind the data confirms the good, bad, and ugly of it all, and that the vaccinations really do lessen the effects of the inevitable.

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  3. My kids, who both live in the Bay Area of CA came down with it recently, despite wearing masks and being triple vaxxed. The Bay Area was so cautious for the past two years that they are having a huge outbreak now. We just drove from Arizona to Kanab and drove past the Bryce and Zion. I’ve never been and will plan on making a trip there to hike — once it cools down. I can’t wait to read your blog about your adventures.

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  4. You are right, pretty much all of us will get it, or have had it and may have it again. If we are vaxed and boosted, we are more likely to survive and not need to overtax the medical system with treatment.

    By the way, at 5 days out it’s too late, but if you hear of anyone else getting it, tell them that getting a prescription from the doc for Paxlovid within 5 days of symptom onset will greatly reduce symptoms and get them over it faster.

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  5. Wishing you and your family a speedy recovery, Lisa! Thank goodness you all got vaccinated, including the boosters. Obviously, this beast of a pandemic refuses to disappear! 😦 At least you could enjoy your trip beforehand!

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  6. One of my other blogging friends got COVID too. In fact, her whole household did. She’s totally okay now, but she too was vaxxed and boosted.

    Happy to hear you are all doing well now. And you’re right, it doesn’t matter how careful a person is, sooner or later we are all going to get it.

    Take care, my friend! X

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