July Photo Challenge: Get Low

July….half way through 2022 and this month, we’re getting low with PJ’s photo challenge. It’s so easy to focus on what’s in front of us at eye level. After all, making sure we see what’s coming at us can help us swerve when those curve balls are hit directly at us.

What we are not as good at doing is looking either up or down at the world around us. Looking up at the night sky reminds us we are but a small part of a much larger universe. Likewise, looking down, we can discover a totally different perspective about life.

Getting Low 1
We’re calling this little friend, Jesse. Jesse sits outside our back door at night when the light comes on. Of course, the light serves a security purpose but it also attracts a large variety of bugs to the area swathed in light. I imagine Jesse will be a very large toad by the end of the summer.

Getting Low 2
Cabo had to get very low to crawl under the edge of the bedspread. I’ve never had a pupper who loves to sleep in the morning as much as he does…..and I’m not complaining!

Getting Low 3 and 4
One would need to get very low to see the fairies in Peanut and Twix’s fairy garden. Blue star creeper, creeping thyme, day lilies, sedums and creeping phlox hide them well.

Getting Low 5
Sometimes it takes a keen eye to see low treasures like this baby redbud tree growing in my sedum ground cover. I search for these babies and move them to the tree nursery where they (hopefully) grow until I can relocate them to their new home in the yard.

Those are my low fives for the month. Be sure to visit PJ’s blog to see how everyone else got low this month.




12 thoughts on “July Photo Challenge: Get Low

  1. EXCELLENT photographs for this challenge, Lisa! That first one of the frog is FAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS!!!!

    And I love Cabo’s precious paws from under the bedspread!

    That fairy garden is so precious. I love the shoe house!!!

    Bravo to you, my friend. Well done! X

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  2. Jesse is awesome! Our oldest, now living in North Carolina, has found a tree frog on their apartment deck twice now, and are glad for the natural insect control. And the fairy garden is so sweet. The boot reminds of a Mother Goose rhyme. As for the baby redbud tree, I love how you carefully move the little sprouts to the tree nursery. I have a lot of volunteer spruce and elm trees. I have to be ruthless about pulling them out, unfortunately.

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  3. I love the faerie garden. We have a dog that really doesn’t fit under our bed until it thunders and then somehow she manages to shove herself under. The detail on the frog is great!

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