August photo challenge: Pooch

PJ’s photo prompt for August was Pooch. Given that he recently added a fur baby to his family, this makes sense so I imagine there will be a lot of pooch pup photos this month. I wanted to try and come up with at least one non-pooch pup idea and it took a little thinking outside the box.

Pooch 1
Post menopause, retirement and pandemic pounds left me with a very unwanted pooch in a certain area of my body. No, I will not post a photo because, believe me, no one wants to see that. Recently, I made a completely irrational decision to try hot yoga. You can read more about this torture class HERE. So, in anticipation of being fully committed for the long haul, I bought a yoga mat, yoga blanket for the mat and some yoga apparel. I’m hoping to strengthen my core, develop better balance and increase flexibility. If I combine this with my elliptical at home, perhaps I’ll get rid of my pooch.

Pooch 2
I did come up with a second non-conventional pooch idea. The pool we set up in the summer is a 12-foot inflatable, circular pool. It is about three years old and some of the areas are starting to weaken so when we add air to inflate the top ring, some areas tend to “pooch” out. This will be the last summer for this pool.

Pooch 3
Now, on to the traditional pooch pics. This is Angel. She is one of my daughter’s pooch pups. Angel came as part of a package with a boyfriend turned husband and his three kids. The husband is now an ex and left with his kids. Angel stayed. She is a very sweet beagle mix and is a fierce mole hunter.

Pooch 4
Angel recently received a little sister pooch pup named Maize. Maize is a yellow lab/golden retriever mix our older daughter got from a shelter. She was found dumped with a litter of nursing pups and had also taken in some other pups. Her days of having litters and nursing pups are over and we hope she has found her furever home.

Pooch 5
The finalé is, of course, our pooch pup, Cabo! At five years old, he is a Mama’s boy and spoiled rotten if you ask Entrepreneur. I can’t disagree. Our youngest daughter found these pillows and sent them to me. They are perfect additions to the couch….which he’s not suppose to be on.

Those are my five Pooch pics. Please visit PJ’s place on September 1st to see more pooches of the traditional and maybe not so traditional kind.


13 thoughts on “August photo challenge: Pooch

  1. Love the prompt and love your contributions. Adorable. I’m trying to get rid of my pooch too. About 3/4 there.

    All the pups are adorable and especially Cabo.

    Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. ♥

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  2. Lisa, excellent series of photos for this challenge. Well done!

    The image of the pool reminded me of my childhood years because we had an inflatable pool in our backyard. Oh, what fun!

    Angel is an “angel!”

    That final photo of Cabo is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ADORABLE! What a sweet little face! And that pillow looks so much like him. It looks like a portrait.

    Have a superb Labor Day weekend, my friend! Happy September! (Autumn is on its way!)

    *doing the happy dance*

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  3. Welcome to the group, Angel and Maize!
    I’m afraid to click on your Yoga link – is it tough? Is it effective though?
    Cabo’s pillow looks perfect. What good is a couch if you’re not allowed to enjoy it 😉

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  4. Oh the pooch that arrives slowly, creeping up over months/years and then refuses to leave even when you admonish it to “go away”! 😉 I sympathize with this one. And appreciate that you found two ways to interpret the theme without including a dog in your photo. Also enjoyed the three dog portaits, too (and how you snuck one of the grandkids into your post). Well done. And good luck with the hot yoga!!

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