October Photo Challenge: Potpourri

Didn’t I just do one of these posts? Sure seems like it. The calendar pages are flying off at a dizzying pace.

PJ’s prompt for October was Potpourri; which means an assortment of anything from dried petals/spices/herbs to make a room smell good to a miscellaneous collection. We’re going with the latter with a grab bag of photos from the October photo file. Most will be self-explanatory.

Potpourri 1
Scout is Entrepreneur’s Mom’s border collie. He’s looking good in the maple leaves that transferred from the tree to the ground.

Potpourri 2
Likewise, Twix couldn’t resist laying in the leaves too.

Potpourri 3
October color was stunning this year. Yes, I was driving but couldn’t resist this shot as I drove through town.

Potpourri 4
Twix and Papa had a date for the Light of My Life Sock Hop at school. They look like the “cat’s pajamas” in their outfits.

Potpourri 5
Halloween featured a Steampunk Pirate and a Rock and Roll Diva. Peanut forgot her belt, earring and eyepatch, but still managed to pull it off.

Those are my five Potpourri for October. Be sure to check out PJ’s place to see what mixture others put together.


10 thoughts on “October Photo Challenge: Potpourri

  1. Every year in fall I am so grateful to live in an area with distinct seasons. As much as I enjoy a sunny blue sky, there’s something about a little fog and colorful leaves, and what’s not to love about new blooms in spring?
    Thank you for sharing your October potpourri!

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  2. Your potpourri brought a smile to my face. Those maple leaves? Stunning. We have mostly aspen and poplars around here, and they turn mostly yellow, with the occasional pumpkin orange leaf in the mix for good measure. Someday I’d like to visit somewhere with red leaves in the fall season. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  3. A great set for this theme. I feel like we have to do a theme like this at least once a year, if not just for the ability to fill in the blanks, so to speak. And I have to agree with lying down in the leaves, though up here I’d be worried about being covered in ticks!

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