November Photo Challenge: InstaSnap

I swear, it seems like I did one of these just last week. It’s scary how fast time flies here at the end of the year. November’s prompt for PJ’s Photo Blogging Challenge is InstaSnap. We were to use a phone or mobile app for photos. This is becoming easier for me since I always have my phone and don’t carry my full-size 35mm camera around all the time anymore. Phone cameras have come a long way but their zoom capabilities leave a little to be desired.

So snap away for November I did. There wasn’t much staging or thought to composition, but these five snaps did capture some of the month’s more memorable instances.

InstaSnap 1
We started November with a trip to Florida. We traversed the state from Jacksonville Beach on the east side to Anna Marie Island on the west side. Our time on Anna Marie Island coincided with Tropical Storm Nicole for a day but before she arrived there were some spectacular skies. This is one sunset snapped on the beach. It’s probably the one that is the most “staged.”

InstaSnap 2
This is another beach snap the evening before the storm hit. You can see more pics about our trip HERE.

InstaSnap 3
Before we left for Thanksgiving, we decorated a bit for Christmas. I know…..sacrilege. Until this year I have always waited until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas. But we were going to be gone over Thanksgiving so exceptions were made. The grands take turns topping the angel on the tree. This year was Peanut’s turn.

InstaSnap 4
The day after the tree went up, we left for Branson, MO, for a short getaway. While I didn’t technically snap this shot of our family at Thanksgiving dinner, I did nag wrangle everyone together and set up our server so she just had to touch a button on my phone camera. That counts, right?

InstaSnap 5
All of my family loves seafood except me. I know….I’m weird. Peanut’s favorite restaurant in Branson serves Cajun crayfish (aka crawdads, crawfish). She loves them along with peel and eat shrimp. Josie tried crayfish for the first time and thinks she likes them too. I don’t eat “swamp food” and just looking at them literally made me lose my appetite.

Those are my five InstaSnaps for November. Be sure to check out PJ’s post on December 1st to see what other’s snapped this month.


9 thoughts on “November Photo Challenge: InstaSnap

  1. Those Florida photos…a lovely treat on another bitterly cold day here in Canmore. And yes, nagging everyone into place and setting up the shot so the server just had to click the round circle definitely counts. I’m not a Photoshop person, but I, too, prefer doing my digital photo processing on my computer, with a big screen that doesn’t strain my sell-into-middle-age eyes!! Belated Happy Thanksgiving.

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  2. Isn’t it crazy how fast the end of the year goes? You never need to apologize for getting ready for Christmas, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so they say. I have a good friend from New Orleans and he doesn’t eat any fish, has never eaten a crawfish, and calls it all “swamp food” too! His mom makes a mean red beans and rice though!


  3. I love me some seafood, though I’ve always struggled to think of things like crawfish as seafood. I’ve never tried them and not sure I will. Though there is so much in the “sea” that I do love! Great set of photos. It’s crazy over the time of the challenge how your grandkids have grown. The one thing I love about this challenge is it’s like we are all a closer group and are able to watch people grow and different things change!

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