My One Word for 2023


Welcome to my ninth year of picking One Word for the year instead of making resolutions for the new year. I began this in 2015 after Entrepreneur was diagnosed with renal cell cancer in late 2014. As you can see, the past eight years have spanned quite a few topics. 

My goal is to select one word that will guide my focus and actions for the year. My hope is that directing my focus will help give me insight on how to be a better person.

After mulling around numerous words, last week I woke up in the middle of the night with this word in my head and couldn’t get it out. So, my 2023 One Word is:


At the end of 2021, we closed our business and officially retired. I was ecstatic we didn’t have to deal with the annoyances of the banking industry anymore. My adjunct teaching position ramped up for the semester in January. Entrepreneur and I finally thought we were master of our our (retired) schedule….outside of family commitments. We were misinformed about that, but that’s beside the point. 

A year later, I still don’t regret walking away from my corporate position but I’m left with the big question of Who am I? and, aside from being the surrogate Mama figure, Why am I here?

Purpose. In our hectic society, sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between Purpose and Function. The difference is Function determines what actions I do, while Purpose is the reason I take those action.  Purpose is the great Why behind the Function

I am a woman. I’m also a daughter, wife, Mom, Nana, teacher, small group leader and friend. Each of those roles has a function. Is the purpose for each different or can my purpose behind each of those be the same?

It is fulfilling to the soul when our opportunities and actions align with our purpose. I’ve come to realize the secret lies in passion. If I mechanically go through the actions of each of the roles/expectations mentioned above, I will get the job done…but at what cost? I may experience resentment or exhaustion at the overwhelming demands on my time and sanity. If I feel this, how well will I actually complete the actions and how well am I serving others?

So, for 2023 I’ll be focusing on answering these questions:
1. LORD, what’s next for me? Where do you want me? 
2. Where best do I fit to accomplish your goals?

In focusing on and answering those questions, I hope to find where my Purpose and Function intersect. 

This may be the perfect opportunity to try and find where my abilities, gifts and passions intersect with God’s grand plan. To date, I haven’t been too sure about that grand plan and sometimes I tend to disagree vehemently with Him on it.

“The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life, I will advise you and watch over you.”  ~Psalm 32:7 


8 thoughts on “My One Word for 2023

  1. I really haven’t thought much about my purpose – other than to do what I can, what I want to do, to enjoy each day that I have, and to be happy that I have those days and my family. My life was filled with purpose – supporting my kids, keeping them safe, fed, clothed, and housed with as much joy as we could find – now I can relax but still contribute to my family and to a small degree, my community.

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  2. That is an excellent choice and all the other years’ words were good ones too. My word this year is paint because I want a lot of painting done in my house. Happy New Year! XO

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  3. Excellent word choice. I admire people who can decide on yearly words and focus on them. It’s hard for me. Too many things I need to improve and focus on. But I should just jump in and choose one…i know, i know! Great post, thanks!

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  4. At my church on Epiphany Sunday, we had printed cards that we could pick from. And the folks online could get one of 151 words sent to them by messaging a number.

    My word was MARVEL. Immediately, I thought of comic books, but I’m rethinking that…

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