January Photo Challenge: Nice, new, and looking ahead

Well, the new year is here and PJ’s prompt for January is Nice, New, and Looking Ahead. We all like to think about the new year as a clean slate with endless possibilities. Of course, no one knows what lies ahead in a new year, but life is what we make of it much of the time. The attitudes we bring into the new year may have a lot to do with how our year ends up.

Nice, new, and looking ahead 1 and 2
Last October I visited a 200+ year old Burr Oak tree in our town. An amazing sight to be sure. After casually picking up some acorns, Twix and I put a couple in a pot and set it in a windowsill. I watered it when I remembered and it just sat there for the longest time. After Christmas, as I was putting away the tree and decorations, I glanced at it and….son of a gun….there was a nice, new sprout! We named it Baby Groot and it’s now growing like a weed! It’s going to need a bigger pot before time to transplant it this spring. It’s cool to think this is the offspring of such a famous tree and I’m looking ahead to growing a piece of history in my yard.

Nice, new, and looking ahead 3
We added a nice winter vacay to the new year and went to our go-to spot; Cancun, Mexico. We stayed at our favorite non-all-inclusive resorts and ate our way through the week. 

Nice, new, and looking ahead 4
While in Cancun, I celebrated another birthday and am looking ahead to a nice trip around the sun. 

Nice, new, and looking ahead 5
After the polar vortex hit around Christmas, the new year began a little nicer and we were treated to some lovely sunsets and sunrises. Not as good as a Caribbean sunset/sunrise, but I’ll take what I can get in the dark, cold days of January.


Those are my five for this month’s prompt. Please visit PJ’s place to see how the new year began for others around the world!


7 thoughts on “January Photo Challenge: Nice, new, and looking ahead

  1. Belated happy birthday! How nice to get away somewhere warm for a break and a celebration. The baby oak tree made me smile, and I like how you’ve named it, too. We have named trees in our back yard…one for each of of our now adult kids – a thriving larch tree we bought from a nursery and a somewhat struggling spruce tree that our oldest brought home from school for arbor day almost 20 years ago. I like the idea of planting trees to honor those you love. And even better if you nurture them from seed yourself.

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  2. You look so happy with your birthday cocktail! Best wishes again!
    Very cool to grow your own little Baby Groot! It must be nice to have a green thumb. Can you believe I managed to kill a (not so) lucky bamboo?

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  3. Looks like it was a wonderful month! Happy belated birthday and I hope the trip was what you needed! We’ve had a mild winter up this way, though not those kind of temps!


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