ABCs-bible style

ABCsABC Wednesday is a playground I visit periodically. It’s a weekly romp through the alphabet, and has an international following. While I’ve focused on unusual words and quotations in past rounds, I’m most fond of the posts done on biblical characters and topics. In these posts, I’ve tried to break down some difficult concepts into more manageable information, and provide character studies on popular and obscure people found between the covers of the book.

Many have suggested I turn these thoughts into a book. Maybe some day I will, but for now, I hope you enjoy my journey through this best-selling book.

A is for Abraham
A is for Apocalypse
A is for Adam

B is for Bible
B is for Baptism
B is for Beatitudes

C is for Cain
C is for Christianity
C is for Cherubim

D is for David
D is for Disciples
D is for Daniel

E is for Elijah
E is for Ephesus
E is for Eve

F is for Forgiveness
F is for Free Will
F is for FAIL

G is for Gabriel
G is for Grace
G is for Garden of Eden

H is for Herod
H is for Holy Spirit
H is for Hadassah

I is for Isaac
I is for Idolatry
I is for Israel (Jacob)

J is for Job and the Heavenly Wager
J is for Jesus
J is for Joseph

K is for Kiss
K is for Knowing God

L is for Lent
L is for Lazarus
L is for Laodecia

M is for Mary
M if for Mercy
M is for Millennial Kingdom
M is for Magi

N is for Nathaneal
N is for Naomi
N is for Noah

O is for Older Son
O is for Obadiah
O is for Olive Tree

P is for Paul
P is for Peter
P is for Pride
P is for Pride (2)

Q is or Quiet Time
Q is for Quiet (no it’s not the same as the one above!)
Q is for Queen

R is for Rahab
R is for Religiosity
R is for Ruth

S is for (Good) Samaritan
S is for Solomon
S is for Sacred and Secular
S is for Samson
S is for Sacramental

T is for Trinity
T is for (Doubting) Thomas
T is for Ten Commandments

U is for Universal
U is for Unforgiveness
U is for Unbelief
U is for Unfair
U is for Universe

V is for Vashti
V is for Vanity
V is for Valued

W is for Whale (aka Big Fish)
W is for Wings
W is for Woman at the Well

X is for Christ(mas)
X is for Xerxes
X is for eXpectations

Y is for Yoke
Y is for Yahweh
Y is for YOU

Z is for Zero
Z is for Zacchaeus

Z is for Zealot
Z is for Zacharias

2 thoughts on “ABCs-bible style

  1. You’ve come to do this blog just when I was considering eliminating mine (faith in a bottle). I have few followers so I thought these things:
    my words are not woven well enough and my subject is not unique enough to interest others
    God has a different plan for me other than a spiritual blog, or I’m not illuminated to know His plan
    So now I’m going to pray on this and decide, His will be done.

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  2. What a great idea. Love it. Since I’ve finally made it all the way through reading, I thought I might just do the New Testament and only on what Jesus’ words were as an outline and just focus on Jesus the present. But, have not done that so far…I’m back to reading both OT and NT daily. You could make a wonderful word graphic with this or pie chart, etc. or something colorful as well as this that you’ve already done. I like it. I’m not that original with doing things like this ABC…but then you think outside the box like with the crayons..right. ~hugs~


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