Happy Tuesday and swim at your own risk

Another sign found on one of our Florida vacays. Really? Doesn't sound like much of a swimming area, does it? Playing along with Comedy Plus and Happy Tuesday and Peabea's Pictorial Tuesday.


Tuesday’s giggle

This was a sign we saw outside an ice cream store at St. John's Pass Village and Boardwalk January of 2017. The Pass is a seaside area in Madeira Beach, Florida that has all sorts of unique shops and restaurants. Along with shopping and eating, it also is home to a lot of very aggressive [...]

Vogue: A study in conformity and hypocrisy

Wow, Vogue. Just Wow. I've waiting a few days to cool down and collect my thoughts before commenting on this article. If you haven't read the article Vogue printed about the awful state of white, republican women, you can read it HERE. I don't know whether to be disgusted, incensed, or whether to laugh at [...]

October Photo Challenge: Oh, The Places I’ve Been

October is finished and it's time again for PJ's photo challenge. This month's prompt is Oh, The Places You'll Go. This is so open to interpretation, but I chose the traditional route because....It was a very busy month! But, since I sometimes don't do well with rules, a couple of these have more than one [...]

The last little bit of goodness

On a preschool field trip to a pumpkin patch last week, I noticed a patch of sunflowers that were a bit past their prime. While my eye saw flowers that were ending their life cycle, it also saw a bee busily tending to the center of each flower, pulling out every last bit of delicious [...]