Deep roots and strong branches

I've lived in Columbia, Missouri for more than 20 years but never made the 15 mile trip to see one of our area's most magnificent treasures: The Burr Oak Tree. Of course, I'd heard about it, but it wasn't until a week or so ago that I actually laid eyes on it. The Burr Oak … Continue reading Deep roots and strong branches

The Splendor of the Woods

I'm so excited to participate in Brian's Thankful Thursday prompt today. While there's a lot of $#!* going on in my life right now, I am thankful for more than a few things. First, I'm thankful Entrepreneur has some back pain relief from the epidural steroid injection he got yesterday. Big gratitude for that. Second, … Continue reading The Splendor of the Woods

Happy Tuesday

My friend took a picture of a post-it note on her bathroom mirror she reads every morning. She sent it to me. I'm sharing it today as part of Sandee's Happy Tuesday blog hop. Hope everyone's week is being kind.