There’s a (deleted) app for that

Six months ago, Entrepreneur signed me up for our auto insurance's safe driver app. The carrot was if I "proved" I was a safe driver, there would be a discount on our renewal premium in September. I was less than thrilled but agreed to try it for six months. Notice, HE didn't offer to put … Continue reading There’s a (deleted) app for that

New definition of Hot Mess

Post menopause, retirement and pandemic pounds have taken its toll on me the past few years. I've always struggled to maintain a healthy weight and it's becoming obvious I'm losing the war with age and gravity. Recently, I read a book titled Younger Next Year for Women. The premise of the book is how women … Continue reading New definition of Hot Mess

Happy Tuesday

My friend took a picture of a post-it note on her bathroom mirror she reads every morning. She sent it to me. I'm sharing it today as part of Sandee's Happy Tuesday blog hop. Hope everyone's week is being kind.