A piece of the past

Recently, Entrepreneur and I drove to Fulton, MO, a nearby town, to have lunch with some friends. The town is home to two colleges, Westminster and William Woods. It's also home to what is historically known in the town as The Brick District. The Brick District is a few blocks of downtown Fulton where sixty-nine … Continue reading A piece of the past

Preserving my sanity

What do you do when you have a few minutes of down time? Waiting in a physician's office? Waiting for a pick up order? Waiting to pick up kids or grandkids? Traveling as a passenger with windshield time? The "witching hour" between afternoon and dinner? Some of you may not have any down time. I … Continue reading Preserving my sanity

Awe deprivation

When was the last time you were awe-struck about something? I look around and everyone's eyes are fixated on some type of screen. We are turned inward. Human interaction seems to be at an all-time low as people go about their own business, sometimes looking but rarely seeing the world around them. The mundane is … Continue reading Awe deprivation