Awww Monday: 8 month smiles

You may remember back in December when I shared photos I took of my BFF’s first grandbabykin. What? You missed it? Well, check them out HERE. I also was honored to take her 3 month photos as well. They are HERE.

Well, that little grand girl is now 8 months old and I got to capture her personality again. She is definitely a huge Awww!

We toyed with the idea of taking her to a park or local botanical garden. But when I looked at my neighbor’s landscaping, I thought, why go anywhere?! Plus the little miss refused to take a morning nap so we weren’t certain what sort of mood she would in for picture posing. Turns out we were worried over nuthin’.

Overall, she was cooperative and very happy…especially when BiBi (BB? BeeBee?) was dancing around behind me singing the I Dream of Genie tune to get her to smile! Look at those sparkly eyes!

Seriously, the things we do to make babies smile.

Mom and BiBi like the results, so I assume I’m not fired. Her next session will be in December for her one year pics. Should be interesting if winter comes early.

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Awww Monday: Beautifully blended

Well, maybe not beautifully. After all, how beautiful can it be with two 10-year olds, a nine year old and two 5-year olds? Add to that the almost-a-tweenager mood swings, two stressed out, working full time parents and…well, there you have it.

But for one August morning, they cleaned up nicely and I was able to capture a moment in time for our daughter and her family. In my not-so-humble opinion, they are awww-worthy. 🙂

The parents.

The grands.

The girls.

The guys.

Each with their own unique personalities.

Dad and daughters.

Mama and sons.

And into life, a little photo bombing must fall.

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Thankful Thursday: Dog poop

Yes, you read the title correctly. And here’s why……

On second thought, I think I’ll let Cabo tell you the story.

Ummm…..yeah…..well, Mom and  Dad went on  a mini vacay and I was left to protect the yard until the house sitter came. And, well, you see…..there are squirrels everywhere in my yard. And, they like sweet corn. Mom and Dad pulled the corn stalks in the garden and put them in a pile to be burned.

That’s when it all started.

Those little, furry scavengers tore some of the ears off the stalks and ran up the trees before I could stop them. They ate the corn and dropped the cobs to the ground. Being the pupper I am, I had to investigate and you know what….sweet corn is really good! No wonder the squirrels wanted so many ears. It’s so good that I helped myself to what was left after they finished in the trees, cobs and all.

That was not the best decision I’ve ever made. Evidently, puppers are not suppose to eat corn cobs. I tried to tell Mom I was not feeling well by throwing up a little, but she didn’t completely understand. So, I added some diarrhea with it and then she made an appointment with the nice doggy doctor for the next day. Unfortunately, my crime became crystal clear at midnight when I threw up corn cobs not once, not twice, but three times. She was not pleased.

Oh, and I had been working on a stress hot spot on my paw while they were gone that was now infected.

To the doctor we went the next day. Usually, these people are very nice. But today, everyone seemed to be conspiring against me. First they took pictures of my insides.

That blue circle shows my tummy is more than twice the size it should be. Well, yeah, because it was full of chomped up corn cobs. And those bunched up things called intestines should have been spread out more evenly. But then………they made me throw up; and once was not enough. They made me throw up FOUR times! After the last picture, the doctor said there was still one “suspicious” item in my  tummy but since I couldn’t throw up any more, I got to go home. But she said I still wasn’t out of the woods yet for any intestinal blockage.

The next day we went back for another round of pictures. This time the doggy doctor said the “suspicious” item had moved and looked like it was on its way out the other end. Mom was on poop duty to make sure it made it. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen until three days later which made for a few anxiety-filled days and nights praying I didn’t have a blockage. She was soooo happy when it finally happened that I got extra treats!

And that stress sore? I got a shot and now I have to take pills. AND…..I had to wear the cone of shame for a while because I wanted to clean it all the time. Mom found me a sock to wear when I didn’t have on the cone. She didn’t look very happy about the doggy doctor bill,  but I’m worth it…..right?

So we are all really thankful for dog poop this week. And I’m feeling much, much better.


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I do….in Florida Part 2

So, yesterday’s post gave the Reader’s Digest abridged version of our daughter’s recent wedding in photos. Today’s post will make up for the lack of words yesterday. There were so many things to be thankful for during the wedding weekend. Everyone traveled safely to Florida and back, and the majority of the weekend events went off smooth as silk.

The day was about as perfect as you could get for weather in Florida. Not too humid for an outdoor wedding; low 80s; no rain. The couple wanted an “vintage, old Florida” feel without the stereotypical beachy accents common to a coastal wedding. Bowing Oaks Plantation was chosen for its country/casual atmosphere, yet elegant setting. Two hundred year old oak trees grace the ceremony site and make for a lovely backdrop…as well as lots of shade.

She planned this wedding for a year and took care of the majority of the details. She made all the boutonnieres. Even though the theme was “vintage, old Florida,” there needed to be some golf accents since they both are golf pros.

We all, literally, had a hand in creating the reception seating chart (thank you Pinterest).

The florist was turned loose with the stipulation to not use traditional wedding flowers. Palms, unique flowers and other greenery were preferred. And the florist didn’t disappoint. Touches of orchids, magnolias and unusual seedpod-like flowers were used.

The ring bearer was the couple’s dog, Birdie the Golfing Lab.

The ceremony was elegant yet causal and fun with more than a few impromptu moments. Bridesmaids were asked to wear a dress of their choosing in navy, forest green or in a palm print. The groomsmen ditched cummerbunds and ties for open-collar shirts and lightweight, summer suits….with pink flamingo socks.

Peanut and Twix were flower girls in tropical, two-piece outfits I made for them. Not sure they will ever wear them again, but they looked adorable for the day. Flowery head garlands, flower girl bracelets and essential oil diffuser lockets topped off the look.

Four of the five grandparents on our side were able to make the trip from Missouri to Florida. In their mid-80s, all of us were thankful they were still healthy enough to travel and (finally) witness their granddaughter’s wedding.

And, I’m always thankful when our family is all together in one place.

The Groom, who we will now call The Golfer2, escorted his mom down the aisle and even though his dad passed away a few years ago, we’re sure he was there in spirit along with all his grandparents.

The wedding party entered the reception to the song, Hooked on a Feeling. Specifically, the 1974 version done by Blue Swede. I’m sure many of you are now belting out ooga ooga ooga chaka...or, at least you are in your mind. 🙂

The reception room was reminiscent of a log cabin and, once completely decorated, the scene was enchanting.

But, this next photo is one of the two moments I was most thankful to witness. Much like last year when Entrepreneur walked his oldest down the aisle and danced with her, my eyes were leaking so it’s a good thing the photographer was there. Truth be told, I had serious doubts whether his cancer would allow him to make it to this day. Prayers answered.

Ahhh, yes, the cutting of the cake……..

….and The Golfer2 gets the first cake-face blindside.

But The Golfer gives as good as she gets.

Having been together for about five years, this wedding was a long time coming. Nothing will really change for them now…except her last name. They have beautiful memories of celebrating with those who love them most. And, like last year’s wedding, I believe Jesus was present and smiled on their special day.

Let marriage be held in honor by all.
Hebrews 13:1-16

A long post today, but filled with much in which to be thankful. And, thank you to Brian’s Home for hosting Thankful Thursday.


I do….in Florida Part 1

Wordless Wednesday will take you through our youngest daughter’s recent wedding ceremony. Tomorrow’s Thankful Thursday will make up for the lack of words today.

There’s quite a few, so you may want to get comfortable.

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A BFF, baby and make-shift studio

One of my BFFs was promoted to Nana last December. I was fortunate enough to have been allowed to take her first grandchild’s newborn photos.

BFF temporarily moved back home from Colorado to provide child care for her grand girl for six months. Of course, we’re getting together regularly while she’s here (that code for “drink wine”). A week or so ago, we worked together on a photo shoot of her adorable 3-month old grandbabykin.

Newborn photos were taken at the home of the new parents. This time we did the session at my house. Remember, I have no studio with lovely lighting and props. I have a large east-facing picture window, a beanbag chair, beach towel clips and blankets. The morning of the event, I walked through the house looking for interesting props to use. Previously, I’d bought some cheesecloth and dyed them various colors in case I ever had the opportunity to take more baby photos.

BFF and her grand girl (DR) arrived and we quickly found out photographing a 3-month-old baby is vastly different from a sleepy newborn!

This was back in December compared to now. Then, she was a pliable little blob who slept through most of the session. She’s not so much a sleepy, little blob anymore! DR was wiggly, awake and extremely vocal about her preferences.

I shot all these photos on my camera’s manual setting. I’m working on getting more comfortable again using my own settings. I learned photography on a fully manual Pentax SLR camera in college. With the rise of digital photography, I found myself becoming lazy with the auto-everything settings.

Mercifully, there was a brief time when DR did actually nap…but only for about 20 minutes.

Awake again. Outfit change.

And since she was still awake after this series of shots, another outfit change. Heart basket/flowers found on the top of a refrigerator, dyed cheesecloths and my kitchen floor. She barely fit in it!

Yes, I do own a life-size teddy bear.

Three months is a fun age even though they aren’t able to control poses. My goal was to try to capture her personality at this point in time so her parents/grandparents would have these memories when she changes…again.

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