Degas and Monet and Van Goh….oh my!

We just finished a week with the grand girls called Spring Break. We like to plan experiences with them they don't normally get to do/see. This year we planned a few day trips. One was to see the Nelson Atkins museum of Art in Kansas City, Missouri. The teenager, Peanut, is all about history so … Continue reading Degas and Monet and Van Goh….oh my!

Awww Monday-newborn style

I haven't taken part in Sandee's Awww Monday for a while. But, today I have some pics I hope will make Awwwww simply fall out of your mouth. It happened when a friend of mine, who fosters children before adoption, was asked to take a newborn from the hospital after the birth mom indicated she … Continue reading Awww Monday-newborn style

February Photo Challenge: Photographer’s Choice

Oh I late to the Linky party this month. PJ's prompt for February was Photographer's Choice and you'll see a definite theme running through all my photos. Our family just returned from a winter vacay to Cancun, Mexico. And, again, we weren't completely sure it was going to happen because Entrepreneur's mom took another … Continue reading February Photo Challenge: Photographer’s Choice