Respected women, part 1

Life is hard now. Inflation is nowhere under control, supply chains are still messed up and with the current financial and political situation in our country, people are struggling on all fronts. According to, 20 million Americans cannot pay their utility bills and the amount they owe has doubled since before the pandemic. That's … Continue reading Respected women, part 1

Transformation of a city girl

I grew up in Kansas City. My dad was a structural engineer for a large firm named Black and Veatch. My mom stayed home raising kids until we were self sufficient enough for her to go back to work. She worked in administration for KC Southern Railroad. We lived in 1960s-70s suburbia and didn't want … Continue reading Transformation of a city girl

February Photo Challenge: Photographer’s Choice

Oh I late to the Linky party this month. PJ's prompt for February was Photographer's Choice and you'll see a definite theme running through all my photos. Our family just returned from a winter vacay to Cancun, Mexico. And, again, we weren't completely sure it was going to happen because Entrepreneur's mom took another … Continue reading February Photo Challenge: Photographer’s Choice