Where the Wild Things Are

Call me crazy, but I was not as sold on the movie, Where the Wild Things Are, as some of the rest of you. Blogs praise the movie, and despite the debate of whether it's too scary for small children, the reviews are positive. Army Wife and I went to see it as a mom … Continue reading Where the Wild Things Are

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

July 15th. Marked in red on the calendar. I’ll be sitting in the theater impatiently waiting through 20 minutes of previews before watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It will visually fulfill the images in my imagination and reinforce my opinion of the series. I’ve read the books. Twice. I own the movies. … Continue reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


Chocolat is one of my favorite movies. I’ve seen it 5 times and have developed a different take on the movie than the one normally discussed. As a Christian, we're encouraged to be participants in the world and its cultures. We were never meant to be sequestered in a “holy huddle,” blocking out the world … Continue reading Chocolat

Dark Knight

I realize it’s been quite a while since the release of this film. Personally, I saw the film 3 times and came away with different thoughts, emotions and insights each time. And although the hoopla surrounding it has died down, I think Dark Knight has the staying power to influence viewers for many years to … Continue reading Dark Knight