Would you like the senior discount?

Absolutely! Today is my birthday and I think I now officially qualify for most senior discounts. Although I don't really feel as old as the calendar insists, I'm now at the age where I probably have more memories than dreams. And I suppose that's okay. I do dream about (early) retirement though. Especially on Mondays...and … Continue reading Would you like the senior discount?

Toothpaste Moments

Danger! Mouth operates faster than brain. Toothpaste moments. I heard this term about 4 years ago in a professional development class and thought the analogy was spot on. Toothpaste moments. We've all had them. Toothpaste moments. The very moment when your brain kidnaps common sense and better judgement and leaves the building...and then you speak. … Continue reading Toothpaste Moments

Warping young minds…again

The semester has begun and I have 21...TWENTY-ONE!...bright, creative college seniors to intimidate, terrify, work with on their capstone project. Strategic Campaigns works with real, live clients. Student teams create a strategic plan...complete with primary research, messaging, creative ideas, budgets, media plans...the works! Plus they have the privilege of doing a dog and pony show … Continue reading Warping young minds…again