B is for Baptism

Some people close their eyes and get sprinkled. Others hold their noses and get dunked. Some people receive it as infants while others as adults. But however it's done, most Christians view baptism as a sign of religious purification and consecration. Specifically, that the act represents the forgiveness of sin that comes through faith in … Continue reading B is for Baptism

V is for Vision

Texture by Kim Klassen Cafe: letgo The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but no vision. ~Helen Keller Does anyone else think it ironic that this quote is from a blind woman? So I guess the question is...you have sight, but do you really have vision? What is your purpose … Continue reading V is for Vision

Q is for Quiet

Texture by Kim Klassen Cafe We've all experienced the thrill of going 100 miles per hour with our hair on fire. That's just how it is these days. But that pace is not very conducive to making good life decisions most of the time, is it? When our lives are spinning a bit out of … Continue reading Q is for Quiet

P is for Pride

Texture by Dustin Schmieding/Subtle Blue Grunge 01 Listed as of the seven deadly sins, pride is a tricky little devil. Pride can have more than one meaning, so is it a vice or a virtue? What about if: I'm proud of my kids' accomplishments? I take pride in doing my job to the best of … Continue reading P is for Pride