Why I wear a cross

Do you wear a cross necklace? If not, you probably know someone who does. Do you ever wonder why? I'm not going to debate whether a cross is a pagan symbol for various Sun-deities. Nor, am I going to debate whether Christians should or shouldn't wear a cross. I'm also not going to debate whether Jesus was … Continue reading Why I wear a cross

A is for Adam

His resume is very short. Records show previous occupations as a gardener, horticulturalist, farmer and zoologist. His past residences included Eden (location today is unknown). His character references include the Maker of the Universe. No known direct ancestors. His DNA run through all of us. Whether you believe Adam was the very first man ever … Continue reading A is for Adam

White as snow

It wasn't the trifecta snowstorm I long for every January, but 8-9 inches was enough to keep me home for the day. Entrepreneur braved the single digit temps and plowed our Hyundai SUV through the subdivision on his way to the office. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers … Continue reading White as snow