Thankful for another family vacay

I've been more or less MIA for the past few weeks. One week getting ready for our family vacation and then a week at our destination....Cancun, Mexico. With Entrepreneur's cancer, each family get-together represents another milestone and a grateful heart. Our last family vacay was December of 2018 and we commemorated it with a family … Continue reading Thankful for another family vacay

Wordless Wednesday sunrise

Some of you realize what an accomplishment it is for me to capture a sunrise while on vacay. Mercifully, the clouds on the horizon gave me about 20 extra minutes. More words tomorrow. Linking up with Wordless Wednesday over at Comedy Plus.

One part fun; two parts silly

Our recent vacay couldn't have come at a better time. With the recent challenges of Entrepreneur's diagnosis and surgery, we all were on the short side of sanity. Add to that the daily grind of work, the incessant paper blizzard from school, homework, at-home nightly reading, parental disciplining (which. Is. Exhausting) and....oh attention demanding, soon-to-be toddler, it's not hard to … Continue reading One part fun; two parts silly