February Photo Challenge: Winter

Here is it the first of March and I'm a bit late to PJ's February link-up party this time because I ran away from winter the last part of the month. Yes, I was on vacay to sunny Mexico for a week of fun in the sun. But I didn't forget about all of you braving the … Continue reading February Photo Challenge: Winter

Cardinal update

A few weeks ago, during the worst of the spring storms, I discovered this in our backyard viburnum bush that grows close to the house...strategically built on the back side of the bush and under the roof's overhang. Mom and Dad don't really like it when I peek in on the family, but I had … Continue reading Cardinal update

Birth days

Last week I shared with you my excitement about finding newborn baby birds in a Viburnum bush nest. This week, I took the babies' photo and paired it with Quotography for Birthday week. Although I don't know their exact birth day, I figure I'm close enough since I think they are only a week old. … Continue reading Birth days