Thankful Thursday

Hey everyone, Cabo here today with Mom who tells me she has a hugely thankful heart. It all began back on January 20th. Mom and Dad were watching a game where people throw a ball up and down the field and chase each other….my kind of game! There was two minutes left in the game and I was contentedly gnawing on a toy called a nylabone. It didn’t have much taste, but I was bored and no one wanted to play. The next thing I knew,  Mom had her hands in my mouth trying to dig out the chunk I’d successfully broken off. But I was too quick for her and swallowed it before she could get it out.

Well, I heard her on the phone and then we went for a ride. It was a place I’d never been before. She called it the emergency vet clinic. Evidently, one should not eat pieces of nylabones. Little did I know that chunk could cause a blockage in my internal tubing and be all kinds of bad for me. Mom gave the okay for them to try to make me vomit it up. Ewwwww…..I didn’t comply with their wishes. So we went back home.

It’s been almost three weeks since that awful experience and I seem to be okay. I haven’t miss a meal and think everything is coming out okay on the other end. Oddly, I cannot find any more nylabones in the house. Mom says I’m a lucky puppy and she’s thankful no harm came of the experience.

Ummm…..Bridget here. I suppose I’m glad the fur ball is okay. Having health issues of my own, I do understand Mom’s worry.

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Sun puddles and Awww Monday

I just discovered Cabo….that dog living in my house….has had face time here and, in my not-so-humble opinion, I deserve the same.

If you didn’t already know, I’m Bridget and have been here with the person we’ll call Mom most of my 12 years. Technically, I’m The Golfer’s cat, but I wasn’t too crazy about Florida when she moved my sister, Midget, and me there in 2007. We came back to middle Missouri in 2013 and I decided I’m never riding in a car that long again.

The dog….did I  mention the dog? All was well until IT showed up in 2017. I’m a rather finicky, old lady now and don’t appreciate being rudely nosed or chased. I much prefer sun puddles in areas where IT can’t find me.

I was born in 2006 sometime around March 17th; one of five abandoned kittens. The kind people who took us in called us the Irish Kittens. One more was added, although she was not a direct relation. Mom’s two daughters adopted me, two of my sisters and the stray. Here is a shot of all of us together in our bed…Moi (Bridget), Colleen (aka Midget), Darby and Ripley. Sadly, Midget and Ripley have already traveled over The Bridge.

So, I’m here in the house by myself now with the dog. Fun times. Um, NOT.

So, I’ll be demanding equal time whenever I discover the dog has been here. I simply cannot have IT  upstaging me.

Have a me(W)ow day,


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Sick kitty

Guess I can cross another item off the bucket list. I didn’t realize this experience was even on the list, and it was definitely a first for me.

One of our kitties is sick. A few weeks ago, I noticed Midget, the smaller of the two upstairs cats, looked thinner than usual. She’s always been a small cat so she can’t really afford to lose much weight to begin with. I began watching her and found out she would eat a couple bites of her food and then walk away. Her sister, Bridget, was more than happy to finish off her meal so I always saw empty bowls and never thought much more about it. But, when I thought about it, it occurred to me she had been reclusive and non-interactive as well.

Midget fluids 4

I felt this warranted a trip to the vet. Weigh-in showed she had lost 2 pounds and was dehydrated! That’s not good. 😦

Multiple scenarios were presented as to the reasons for her behavior changes…all of them very expensive. After two office visits, blood work, two rounds of IV fluid injections and some pain meds, the vet’s best guess was there was some sort of infection in her lungs…cause unknown. We could hospitalize her and they would continue to give her daily IV fluids, pain meds and observe her for a few days or…………………….

We could do it at home.

Whaaaaaat? I think my face must have shown my reluctance and panic because she quickly assured me it wasn’t that difficult to give subcuticular IV fluids to a cat. I had serious doubts. But I took the fluid bag and a bag of needles home, along with the pain meds and an antibiotic.

For the next two days, I stressed about attempting this procedure. Then, I couldn’t remember the demonstration the vet gave me in the office. So, I consulted an expert source, YouTube. And sure enough, there was a wonderful video on how to do it.

The fluid bag hangs in the laundry room. Midget is instantly suspicious. I’m still anxious.

Midget fluids 1

I take out of the needles and try to wrap my head around what I’m about to do, all the time thinking there’s a good reason why I didn’t pursue a career in veterinary medicine….and this might be top of the list.

Midget fluids 3

Google suggests I practice inserting the needle in an orange. So I grab a orange and follow the instructions.

Midget fluids 2

And it’s not so bad…..but it’s not actual skin so I’m still doubting I can even do this on something with a heartbeat. Finally, it’s obvious this cannot be put if off any longer. I attach a new, clean needle and beg Entrepreneur to help me. To my surprise, he agrees. He has some background in surgical procedures but hates cats so I’m a bit suspicious on exactly how much help he will be.

In the end, I mustered up enough courage to actually insert the needle into the scruff and her neck (per the YouTube demonstration) and the fluids start to flow. Midget is amazingly tolerant of my inexperience and I know she feels my anxiousness. But both of us survive and she doesn’t seem traumatized. As of this post, I’ve given her 6 treatments and, together with the antibiotics, she seems better. And, she is still speaking to me.

And it occurs to me that way back in January, I chose a word for 2015. That word was fearless. The word was chosen because of life’s uncertainty with Entrepreneur’s kidney cancer diagnosis. Seems silly to attribute that big word to this scenario, but the fact is that I did have to overcome a bit of fear and trust that I could do this.

So many times we avoid situations because of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of making mistakes. Fear of what others will think. Fear of confrontation. Whatever it is and whatever the reason, sooner or later we all must face our fears. And then make the decision to conquer or run from it.

Fear is nothing more than the perception of a situation. Danger is real….fear is a feeling. For sure, there are dangerous situations and being fearful is justified. But many times how our mind perceived a challenging situation can be very powerful in what actions we take. When fear confronts us, we need to analyze why we are afraid. We need to set our emotions aside and be completely honest with ourselves before we can accurately assess the situation. Once that assessment is made, we need to objectively assess the perception of ourselves and decide if we believe we can move forward, past the fear, and accomplish what needs to be done. It’s easier to take risks when you completely believe in yourself. Doubt yourself and you’ll never take any steps forward.

Fear:  False Evidence Appearing Real.
~Author Unknown

Nothing in life is to be feared.  It is only to be understood.
~Marie Curie

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A Gallimaufrey of Words

Welcome to Round 7 of ABC Wednesday. The meme was started by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt, and people from all over the world come together to play and share their entries. Each week word(s) beginning with the designated letter are selected and illustrate through a photo, poem or prose. My twist on the meme is selecting unusual words and pairing them with photos of familiar things in my world. I’ll be pulling words from sources here, here and, of course, here.

Let’s get unusual…

goggle: stare with round eyes.
Bridget is one of Apprentice’s two cats we’ve been harboring until she graduated and became employed. Her sister, Midget, is literally her litter mate. Army Wife has one more of the Calico sisters from what was referred to at the shelter as the Irish Kittens (born 3.17.05). She’s really a sweet kitty. No. Really. She is.

gelid: extremely cold.
I know it’s August, but the slow burn hot flashes this summer have me thinking about cooler days.

grandsire: grandfather. (aka: Papa)
If you want to see an left-brained, High D, Type A driven, Entrepreneur-type of man melt in front of your eyes, put Peanut in his arms. If you want to see how it all began, read Alter Ego. When Army Wife/Guy leave our home, his depression just might rival mine.

Gallimaufrey: A medley; any confused jumble of things.

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