December Photo Challenge: Jingle All the Way

It's the last day of December and the last day of 2019! PJ's prompt for our photo challenge is, appropriately, Jingle All the Way. December was a strange month weather-wise. Most of the month was mild with temps in the 50s and 60s. In fact, Christmas was almost 70F here in middle Missouri. However, a … Continue reading December Photo Challenge: Jingle All the Way

Awwww Monday: Santa’s elves

Every year I try and take some pics of the grand girls in Santa hats during the Christmas season. You would think this project would get easier as they get older (more cooperative?).....but that is not necessarily the case. This year I made a tactical error and tried to do this after an afternoon of … Continue reading Awwww Monday: Santa’s elves

Awww Monday: Christmasfying

Whew, Christmasfying the house is sure a lot of work. I bet I followed Mom up and down the stairs to the storage area at least 50 times. I'm exhausted. Let's have popcorn and call it a day. Blog hopping with Comedy Plus for Awww Monday.

Advent Spark

Annie at McGuffy’s Reader hosts a blog hop every Monday called Sparks. I’m finding that reading everyone’s “Sparks” is one of the highlights of my week. Her philosophy its simple: The negative energy in the world has become thick and oppressive. Social media has become a part of this dark, negative storm. There is an obvious universal need … Continue reading Advent Spark