Buttoned up and on the books

My adjunct instructor gig is finished for another semester. A couple years ago I was asked to be the graphic design "resource" for the Strategic Campaigns senior capstone course at our local journalism school. I'd been a lab instructor for this same course since 2006 so I was very familiar with its content and expectations. … Continue reading Buttoned up and on the books

Deadlines are optional

I will unfortunately not be able to turn in a first draft our team is not far enough along, but I can send some rough ideas for page layouts? Just wanted to keep you in the loop! Aside from the amazingly incorrect grammar used in this email from one of my college senior design students, … Continue reading Deadlines are optional

Going confidently

Texture by Kim Klassen: Confidence one layer soft light 100% and one layer overlay 100% Go confidently in the directions of your dreams. ~Thoreau Well, it's finally here. Time for Peanut's Daddy to become College Man! Earlier this year, life took a right turn and offered former Army Guy the opportunity to leave the military and pursue … Continue reading Going confidently

Friday funny

Spring semester has begun in academia. A funny for everyone who knows and/or loves a college student. Kids home on college break: Homo studentus universitatus season is winding to a close. by Barbara Brotman For nature lovers, this season has brought the appearance of a special species, homo studentus universitatus, a.k.a. the  college student on … Continue reading Friday funny

Warping young minds…again

The semester has begun and I have 21...TWENTY-ONE!...bright, creative college seniors to intimidate, terrify, work with on their capstone project. Strategic Campaigns works with real, live clients. Student teams create a strategic plan...complete with primary research, messaging, creative ideas, budgets, media plans...the works! Plus they have the privilege of doing a dog and pony show … Continue reading Warping young minds…again