June at warp speed 1

June was literally a blur; which is my excuse for being absent in the blogosphere. School let out the end of May and we didn't waste any time at all with the extra curricular activities. This is how it started...... For Columbia 2021: June 5th For Columbia an an annual city-wide service project. This year, … Continue reading June at warp speed 1

Our Florida vacay: part 1

After finishing my adjunct responsibilities earlier this month, Entrepreneur and skipped town to Florida to see our daughter, her husband and our two grand pups. Once on the ground in Jacksonville, we rented a car and took to the highway. Isn't this an awesome bridge? After we got to our daughter's house, we proceeded to eat … Continue reading Our Florida vacay: part 1

New Grandpup!

Entrepreneur and I recently took a vacay to Florida over Mother's Day to visit our daughter and her husband. They are already parents to a lab mix named Birdie (they are both golfers). And, now they've added a little brother to the mix. Meet my newest grand pup, Roscoe. That would be Roscoe P. Coltrane … Continue reading New Grandpup!

Santa babies

Well, they're not exactly babies anymore. This is another "tradition" I started back in 2016 when they were both "littles" and fit under the Christmas tree much better than they do now. They are older (and bigger) now. And, this year someone can sing All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth. They … Continue reading Santa babies