February Photo Challenge: Love

photo blog challenge

Well, I had visions of wonderful “Love” photos for February’s photo challenge from our winter vacay to Mexico. They were going to be fabulous. And then this happened. 

The month became a blur and now it’s time to share……and I’m literally putting this together the afternoon of February 28th. So, for what it’s worth, here’s my five for Love.

Love #1
Twix turned three years old earlier this month….back when life was more normal than it is now. As tough as it sometimes is to keep her mind stimulated, she’s such a delight to have around every day. It goes without saying that the grand girls are right at the top of the Love List.

Love #2
Along those lines, Twix loved getting a birthday phone call from a set of great-grandparents who sang happy birthday to her. When asked how old she was, she was happy to show them.

Love #3
In this part of the state, everyone LUVS Central Dairy ice cream…from a local dairy that made its mark in middle Missouri back in 1920. A second location was established in 1934 and included an ice cream parlor, which is still in operation today.

Love #4
I love it when our family is all together…wherever it may be. This is a feeble attempt to maneuver a selfie-stick at a local restaurant to commemorate the occasion.

Love #5
And why, you may ask, was everyone together in middle Missouri in the middle of February and not on a Caribbean beach? Well, in case you missed the link at the beginning of the post, it was because of Entrepreneur’s recent brain surgery…on the day we are suppose to celebrate Love….February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Not exactly the way I’d intended to spend the day, but there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned crisis to bring together those you love most. And it drives home the importance of those Love vows we took 36+ years ago.

There’s my February Five. I hope you find time to make your way over to PJ’s place to share in some more blogging love. 


Quotography: February

Feb quotography72

 Why, what’s the matter that you have such a February face.
So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?

~William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

Do you know how hard it is to find a February quote that doesn’t revolve around Valentine’s Day? This photo presented itself yesterday morning (Feb 1st) and I knew it just had to be used….but it didn’t lend itself to the typical love-centered quotes typically found for February. Today is more in keeping with the quote as it’s gray, rainy and a bit melancholy. It’s also Groundhog’s Day in the U.S. so I’m expecting that skittish rodent to NOT see his shadow and allow spring to come early. Who’s with me? 🙂

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February is but a memory

February 2015 72

February is now a memory but brought a milestone birthday for Twix; A much-needed family vacation; And snow!!

Twix turned ONE this year at the beginning of the month. Where does the time go? It seems like days sometimes simply drag on and on….but a year can go by in the blink of an eye. I look at her in wonder at all she has accomplished in 365 days.

At the end of the month, we left middle Missouri in ice and snow for warmer, sunnier climates….and returned to ice and snow! There is something wrong with this picture. We may need to remedy this sometime in the future.

It was a month of definite ups and downs and one thing that stands out is the amazing support we’ve from family and friends. People have sought us out to tell us they have been praying for Entrepreneur and our family during this time of uncertainty. So, I chose this month’s quote to reflect the importance of looking at “family” as anyone who really wants to be involved in our lives. Prayer is powerful, and I’ve never felt it more so than these past few months.

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February Photo Challenge: Red

photo blog challenge


Here it is the end of February. Can you believe it? Bring on Spring!!! What? Not yet? Boo.

PJ over at A ‘lil HooHaa hosts a photo challenge every month. February’s theme is, of course, Red, and most of my selections will be self-explanatory. Since Twix was born on February 3rd and the weather has been so lousy, we’ve been staying inside a lot.

Here’s my two funny Valentines.V-day peanut twix

Continuing with the Happy Heart Day theme, here are my girls…minus one.
me and girls

Did I mention the weather was lousy for most of February? I spent a lot of time filling bird feeders and watching the snow/rain ice pellets. Thankfully, the cardinals are always good for a photo opp.
cardinal 2014

I know this little bluebird’s tummy is more orange…but one needs red to make orange, so it counts.
bluebird 2014

And this one really does fall within the rules too, because pink is a hue of red. pink rose


But since I played a bit fast and loose with these last two, here’s a bonus one. I took it on one of the rare 50F days last week when I took a break from work and went walking.

This pretty much sums up my attitude about winter….Stop…please…stop.

Bam. Done.

Check out what others saw during the month of Red.