Photo Blogging Challenge: Four

PJ, over at A ‘lil HooHaa has been hosting a photo blogging challenge for four years this month. And, in honor of that momentous occasion, this month’s challenge is centered around……you guess it….Four.

I thought this would be a slam dunk this month. But I would have been misinformed. This was a much bigger challenge than I anticipated. On one hand, I’m still dealing with Entrepreneur’s post-brain surgery adjustment. He’s doing well…I’m the one who seems to be struggling.

So, you all will need to give me a little bit of latitude on some of these selections. 🙂

#1 Four
Included in this row of Bradford Pear trees are FOUR trees in full bloom. They lasted all of about four days before a late spring hard freeze turned all those lovely white blossoms brown..

#2 Four
Bridget is one of FOUR kittens that came to live with members of our family 12 years ago. The no-kill shelter nicknamed them the “Irish Kittens” because they found them on or around St. Patrick’s Day. Three are from one litter, the fourth was found somewhere else, but was assimilated in with the others. All four assimilated together nicely into the bed.

#3  Four
My grandfather’s violin (or is it a fiddle?) still has all FOUR strings in tact. Circa early to mid 1900s, I really don’t know its story other than he owned it. Wish I knew more.

#4 Four
Twix has a puzzle with FOUR separate puzzle scenes in one, which may be a little confusing when you’re only three years old. 🙂

#5 Four
Here’s where I need a bit more latitude. Since March is the month to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day, what better way than to look for FOUR-leaf clovers. What? You don’t see any in this shot? Neither do I. But, there may be one hiding in there so I think it should count. 🙂

Bonus FOUR foto!
Twix turned three years old in February. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, she was not able to have her “official” party until this month. So, here is the ONE-YEAR-LESS-THAN-FOUR-year-old birthday girl with FOUR presents. I thought it only fitting to include this since PJ’s photo challenge is celebrating FOUR years old this month.

Whew….Be sure to visit PJ’s place to see how others interpreted the prompt this month.


Partly cloudy with a few showers

No, this is not the weather report. This is Peanut’s mood of late. Four seems to be a very emotionally challenging age. She’s either all smile and giggles….or having meltdowns of epic proportions.

Last week we had our first real fight.

Entrepreneur was traveling and when he’s gone, Peanut thinks she should be able to sleep in the big, king-size bed with me. And I’m okay with that. After all, it is a king-size bed and there’s lots of room for a Peanut who likes to sleep sideways.

So, the day Entrepreneur left, she moved in…pillow, blanket, luvies and all. On the third night we had some kind of disagreement….probably about brushing teeth…to which she stormed into the bedroom and gathered up all her belongings. On the way out of the room, she looked at me indignantly and said, I’m going downstairs to Mama, and you can just sleep by yourself tonight!

It was all I could do to keep a straight face. But I told her I was sorry we had a fight, and I’d miss snuggling with her.

Of course, the next night, when Entrepreneur was back home, a small form appeared beside the bed at 3:30am…ready to climb in beside me.

All was forgiven and forgotten.

Since I don’t have any good storm cloud photos, this one of a wilty, drooping sunflower will have to reflect her four-year-old PMSing mood.

droopy sunflower