Mud slide!

One hour mud bath: California $60 One hour mud massage: New York $85 Fifty minute mud bath: Las Vegas $110 Thirty minute mud bath: Miami $30 Two-hour Middle Missouri mud foot soak: Free. I've heard there are many benefits to getting muddy....whether it be in a 5-star resort spa or in the backyard. Mud is … Continue reading Mud slide!

Photo Blogging Challenge: Spring

Another month has come and gone and May is just a memory now as we get ready to launch into summer. True to form, May at our house was filled with May-hem with all the end-of-school field trips and activities! Add birthdays and Mom's Day and you have a month moving at warp speed. PJ's photo blogging … Continue reading Photo Blogging Challenge: Spring

The corn is in

The corn is in. Who would think four little words could totally derail the rest of the day. Relax and leisurely read the Sunday paper? Not happening. Trip to the mall? Forget about it. Nap? LOL! Play with genealogy photos and information? Not even a remote possibility. Work on Peanut's birthday invitation? Will have to … Continue reading The corn is in