Where the wild things are

Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Doesn't this look like a really bad hair day? That, or it's about to bust open in dramatic fashion to reveal our second giant sunflower. Can't you just feel the energy building up behind those petals; like it's ready to … Continue reading Where the wild things are

A Garden Party Friday Find

Texture by Kim Klassen: Return at 100% hard light with some selective erasing. Peanut's Mama claimed the lower patio when they moved in and the garden area outside one of the lower-level bedroom windows. It is there where she planted a variety of flowers, including this hydrangea. I've never had one of these and think … Continue reading A Garden Party Friday Find

Perfect conditions

Entrepreneur and I built our current home back in 1996. Well, we didn't literally build it with our bare hands, but we did design it...and then found a fantastic general contractor who could complete our vision. We have upper and lower patios. The lower walk-out patio is compliments of a ginormous retaining wall. With stairs … Continue reading Perfect conditions