Happy Birthday Cabo!

Last week our doodle turned two! It's hard to believe he's been a part of our lives for two years already. It seems much longer. Some days it seems....much, much longer. 🙂 Seriously, except for the ridiculously high-maintenance of his curly, golden doodle coat, he's become a great companion. Cabo was Entrepreneur's idea shortly after [...]


An awww-fully wet dog

It's officially  mud season. Recent rains have made the backyard a swamp. And, being part golden retriever, Cabo gravitates to water of all kinds. Fortunately, he's having a spa day later this week. Blog hopping today with Awww Monday, hosted by Comedy Plus.

February photo challenge: Glasses

Here we are again at the end of another month. So, it must be time for PJ's photo challenge. This month's prompt is Glasses. Post five photos representing the prompt, no commentary necessary. That's it! Please consider joining us! Here are my five Glasses for February. Glass 1: I have a set of pink champagne [...]