Thankful Thursday: Too close a call

If you visited yesterday, you saw two photos for Wordless Wednesday that may have had you wondering what was going on? You also may remember a post I did the end of July for Thankful Thursday where I was thankful for dog poop. I thought we'd closed the book on that experience. I was wrong. … Continue reading Thankful Thursday: Too close a call

Awwww Monday: It’s Awfully cold already!

Hello again! It's Cabo here on a chilly October Monday morning. Normally, my fur coat keeps me wooly warm, but I had a spa day last week and I must say it was terribly bad timing. I was sporting a very warm fur coat now that the season has changed...although Mama said it was getting … Continue reading Awwww Monday: It’s Awfully cold already!

Happy Birthday Cabo!

Last week our doodle turned two! It's hard to believe he's been a part of our lives for two years already. It seems much longer. Some days it seems....much, much longer. 🙂 Seriously, except for the ridiculously high-maintenance of his curly, golden doodle coat, he's become a great companion. Cabo was Entrepreneur's idea shortly after … Continue reading Happy Birthday Cabo!

An awww-fully wet dog

It's officially  mud season. Recent rains have made the backyard a swamp. And, being part golden retriever, Cabo gravitates to water of all kinds. Fortunately, he's having a spa day later this week. Blog hopping today with Awww Monday, hosted by Comedy Plus.