F is for Fail

Have you ever notice how many of our biblical heros had colossal FAILS? This fact alone should put to bed the theory that the Judeo-Christian bible is fabricated by men to invent a religion to gain some sort of twisted popularity. Who in their right mind would want to create and promote a religion with … Continue reading F is for Fail

E is for Eve

Was it really all her fault? Eve is usually the fall girl in the story of Adam and Eve's banishment from the Garden of Eden. After all, if she hadn't coerced Adam into eating that fateful piece of fruit, we'd all be living in perfection and having a grand ol' time, right? It's true Satan … Continue reading E is for Eve

The story of us

From time to time I play a challenge called ABC Wednesday. You may have caught my post yesterday when Round XIV began. The challenge is ongoing throughout the year, and attracts participants from all over the world. It was my first venture into reaching out into the blogosphere.  A few rounds ago, I had the … Continue reading The story of us


Last night Peanut, The Investigator, Entrepreneur and I attended our church's Family Christmas Celebration. It was an evening of songs and activities for the kids along with a short, animated video about the birth of Jesus. These types of family events are well attended at our church as you can see HERE, and I estimate … Continue reading WWJD?