The end of an era

I’m not going to cry. I’m not. I’m not. I’m not.

Okay, yes, I cried.

Today is the first day of Pre-K for Twix. And, I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit this is a bittersweet day for both Entrepreneur and me. She has been with us since the day she was born. We were at the hospital when she arrived three weeks early, one day ahead of a February snowstorm.

She came home to our house when our daughter and Peanut were living with us. We were right there with her Mama when there were concerns about health issues stemming from her premature birth.

After our daughter went back to work, I transitioned to working my job from home so she didn’t have to worry about child care. And so my journey  with our second grand girl began.

Twix’s health issues improved and she flourished with so many caregivers watching over her. I made her baby food and she went everywhere with me. She took her first steps in our home and it was here she said her first words.

Even when they bought their own home and moved out, she continued to show up Monday through Friday at 7:30am while Mama went to work and Peanut went to school. We watched her grow from an infant into an inquisitive toddler…and now into a precocious preschooler.

I know she is, technically, not my daughter, but she has become such a part of me over these past four and a half years.

And now we have to let her go. As hard as this is for me, I believe it’s going to be doubly hard on Entrepreneur. She’s been his little shadow ever since she could walk, and a shining light in the middle of a very dark time for him.

She has her new backpack, new first day of school outfit, Nana-made quiet time blanket, pillow and small luvie. She is ready.

I’m just not sure I am.

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My new job!

Easter Peanut Twix 72
texture by Kim Klassen; Day 100% soft light

Grandchildren give us a second chance
to do things better because they bring out the best in us.
~author unknown

The Investigator’s maternity leave is finished. A day most Mama’s dread. The day they need to turn their baby over to another’s care for most of the work day.

In her case though, the turning over didn’t go far. In fact, all it really required was a walk up the stairs to hand her to me before dashing out the door!

Let me announce my new job….Nana, the Nanny!

Technically, it’s an additional job as I’ve transferred my day-job home. But, I’m happy to split my time to take care of Twix…to ease Mama’s worry over having to leave her baby to go back to work. And to eliminate the expense of infant daycare! Truthfully, it’s a bit self-serving as I’ve been looking forward to this for months. Entrepreneur is less sure it will work, but I’m optimistic.

So, the plan is to work feverishly when she’s sleeping and then enjoy bonding with this grandbabykin the rest of the time. I’m trying not to think of the challenges that the future will bring… in a month when Peanut is out for the summer and I have both of them until kindergarten begins. I’m sure some days it will work flawlessly and other days will descend into anarchy. Can you say logistics?!

Not many grandparents get this opportunity and I feel blessed to be able to be able to have this special time with them while it lasts.

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