Halloween post-redux

A repeat of my post in 2009. Still relevant 5 years later...maybe more so. Many elementary schools have banned the traditional Halloween school party for a watered-down version called the "Fall Party" or “Harvest Party.” Evidently, this quasi-religious holiday continues to receive its share of objections from a number of fronts, including Christianity, Judaism and … Continue reading Halloween post-redux

November Photo Challenge: People

Well, one would have thought PJ's prompt of People this month would be super easy with turkey day and other seasonal festivities where people gather together.  But I don't get out much. So my shots are not super exciting this month. I love to people watch, but when it comes to capturing them photojournalism-style, I … Continue reading November Photo Challenge: People

Holiday hoopla

How are you doing with the Hallmarkization of the holidays this year? Are they living up to your expectations? What are your expectations? I love Christmas. I love the songs, the decorations, the idea of festive activities. I look forward to it all year. I start listening to Christmas music before the Thanksgiving turkey is … Continue reading Holiday hoopla