R is for Ruth

She was the royal great-grandmother of King David. But it was not always that way. Ruth's beginnings are pretty rough. Her husband is the son of Elimelech and Naomi, who moved their family out of Jerusalem to Moab during a famine around 1100BC. Shortly after, Elimelech dies leaving Naomi and their two sons alone in an unfamiliar and less … Continue reading R is for Ruth

N is for Naomi

She's a survivor. What life throws, she catches. Famine in Judah? Leave everything behind and move to the God-forsaken desert of Moab. Husband dies leaving two sons? Become a matriarch and press on. Sons marry Moabite women (against the culture of their religion) but die without heirs? Um.....what now? How much is one woman suppose … Continue reading N is for Naomi