Awww Monday: Autumn Grand Girls

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Autumn! Schedules have been wonky with Entrepreneur and Cabo's health issues, but I was able to grab the grand girls and try and capture a few pics for the year. Autumn color is not peak yet, but the winds and cold temps make me wonder how long … Continue reading Awww Monday: Autumn Grand Girls


Today is Peanut's birthday. Eleven years ago today I was promoted to Nana status. Last year, Peanut officially broke into double digits. This year, she's adding tween attitude. 🙂 She is my oldest grand girl. And, life has dealt her a lot of change in eleven years. Now, she'll be headed into more change as … Continue reading Eleventeen

She’s Baaaack

Call us crazy, but Entrepreneur and I have agreed to have Twix come back to our house during the weekdays while Mama is at work. Last August, when Entrepreneur was in the throws of oral chemotherapy and life was more unsettled than normal, we all decided it might be better if Twix went to an … Continue reading She’s Baaaack