Creative Exchange: Live like a hummer

I was surveying the gardens with my camera last night after work. The hummingbird feeders are out and I was hoping to see one. It's very hard to get a shot of a hummer at the feeder with a 70 pound Golden Retriever bounding around the yard at warp speed. Click. Blurry. Delete. Click. Blurry. … Continue reading Creative Exchange: Live like a hummer

O is for One Ordinary Day

I posted this a while ago, but it's perfect for ABC Wednesday's O-day. I've come to realize there are no ordinary days. Each and every one of them is a gift. It's up to us to observe the (occasionally ordinary) things happening around us so we appreciate all we've been given. I really can't add … Continue reading O is for One Ordinary Day

D is for Daughters

Wel­come to Round 8 of ABC Wednesday. The meme was started by Mrs. Denise Nes­bitt, and people from all over the world come together to play and share their entries. Each week word(s) begin­ning with the des­ig­nated letter are selected and woven into a post. This time around, I’ll be taking each letter and pairing it with … Continue reading D is for Daughters

White as snow

It wasn't the trifecta snowstorm I long for every January, but 8-9 inches was enough to keep me home for the day. Entrepreneur braved the single digit temps and plowed our Hyundai SUV through the subdivision on his way to the office. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers … Continue reading White as snow