Thankful Thursday

Hey everyone, Cabo here today with Mom who tells me she has a hugely thankful heart. It all began back on January 20th. Mom and Dad were watching a game where people throw a ball up and down the field and chase each other….my kind of game! There was two minutes left in the game and I was contentedly gnawing on a toy called a nylabone. It didn’t have much taste, but I was bored and no one wanted to play. The next thing I knew,  Mom had her hands in my mouth trying to dig out the chunk I’d successfully broken off. But I was too quick for her and swallowed it before she could get it out.

Well, I heard her on the phone and then we went for a ride. It was a place I’d never been before. She called it the emergency vet clinic. Evidently, one should not eat pieces of nylabones. Little did I know that chunk could cause a blockage in my internal tubing and be all kinds of bad for me. Mom gave the okay for them to try to make me vomit it up. Ewwwww…..I didn’t comply with their wishes. So we went back home.

It’s been almost three weeks since that awful experience and I seem to be okay. I haven’t miss a meal and think everything is coming out okay on the other end. Oddly, I cannot find any more nylabones in the house. Mom says I’m a lucky puppy and she’s thankful no harm came of the experience.

Ummm…..Bridget here. I suppose I’m glad the fur ball is okay. Having health issues of my own, I do understand Mom’s worry.

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Snowy Awww Monday

Happy Monday! Mom called the groomers and scheduled me  a spa day last Friday. The same Friday that a bunch of white stuff fell from the sky. They finished up with me just in time to hightail it back home before everything got really dicey outside.

This is more snow than I’ve ever seen! Of course, I’m not yet two years old, but I’ve heard the humans tell stories of Snowmageddon back in 2011. My predecessor loved the snow, so I’m doing my best to follow in his pawsteps. Truthfully, it’s not hard to do! This stuff is F.U.N!

However, being a doodle does come with some challenges when it comes to snow. These snow balls that attached themselves to my legs after playing with the littermates (Mom calls them grand girls) were very hard to remove. I had to stay in my special room in the garage with the heat lamp  on until they all melted off before being allowed back in the house. BTW, my special room is awesome. I can go in and out anytime I want and even have a cedar chip filled pillow inside a cozy kennel covered with thick blanket on the top when it’s cold outside. Of course, I prefer being inside with my people, but Mom said I needed a short time out. I think she just didn’t want my help getting out of all of her snow gear.

The white stuff is still on the ground today. Can we go play in it again?! Mom linked me up with Awww Monday over at Comedy Plus. Stay warm today. If you need a heat lamp to get the snow balls off your legs, I’ll be happy to share mine.

Awww Monday: Springuary

It’s January  in middle Missouri….and 65F! Unbelievable. Mom and I have walked two days this week without her having to wear a winter coat. Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with time on the patio with a magazine and a game of “incessantly throw the Kong ball.” A bit of day drinking on her part may or may not have been involved as well. I can’t really be sure of what was in her glass. 🙂

The cold doesn’t really bother me, but I can tell Mom is really enjoying this unseasonably warm weather. However, I have heard her mention the words “groomer” and “trimmed up” so I’m not sure my winter coat will stay as wooly and warm as it is today.

Santa brought me a new toy. We call him Foxy. Mom has successfully sewn him up about four times already. Unfortunately, my play time with Foxy is now limited and supervised.

Blog hopping this sunny Springuary day with Comedy Plus and Awww Monday. Hope everyone is having a spectacular  start to the new year. Say hello to all your fur babies for me


Awww Tuesday!

No, I’m not confused! I fully intended to post this for Awww Monday, but life got in the way….again. So, I’m combining Awww Monday with Happy Tuesday.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The earliest known use of the phrase dates back to 1888 in a book titled, Illustrative Shorthand, by Linda Bronson. The phrase is a pangram—using every letter of the alphabet in a sentence. You may remember this exercise from typing class (if you’re old like me). You may also see it when looking at examples of fonts/typefaces.

Although the quick fox usually stays outside, I did find a lazy dog. But, it probably wouldn’t take too much effort to jump over this one…especially if it should be before 7:30am. 🙂

Blog hopping today with Comedy Plus for Awww Monday and/or Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a grand week and getting in prime condition for Turkey Day on Thursday.

Awwww Monday: October 1, 2018

I have to admit, in the spring of 2017 when Entrepreneur mentioned he thought we should get another dog, I was less than thrilled. It had only been since September of 2015 when our golden retriever fur baby unexpectedly passed away. The pain still stabbed at my heart and the thought of dealing with puppyhood, Entrepreneur’s cancer, spring semester of teaching and a four-year-old grand girl all day was almost more than I could comprehend.

But, a year and a half later, I’ve definitely been launched into a new orbit again. Yes, that first year was all kinds of challenging and he’s still very much a work in progress, but I’m completely smitten. As a doodle, it’s almost impossible for me to keep up with the grooming. As a puppy, it’s almost equally impossible to keep up with his energy level. But we’re attached to each other in a way non-dog-lovers simply can’t understand.

I think I’ll keep him.

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Awwww Monday: best of both worlds

Hello again. Cabo here with an update on the changing seasons. Although the calendar says it’s Autumn, the temperature still says it’s hot here in middle Missouri. My mom read in one of her magazines there should be another month added to the calendar called Saugust……hot temps like August, but in an Autumn month.

I agree. Part of me really wants to enjoy the outside……

But part of me likes being in my kennel where the portable AC is still running.

What do you think of my solution? Hope everyone has an (p)awwwwesome week.

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Awwww Monday 9.10.18

Meet the newest member of our family clan. He’s a 9-week old border collie that has a home on Entrepreneur’s parents’ cattle farm. He’s yet to be named, but leading the list is: Scout, Laddie and Duke.

Just going to leave this cuteness here for you all this morning. Blog hopping today with Comedy Plus for Awwww Monday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.