Strolling down memory lane

Last Thursday I posted photos from my recent walk in the woods with the grand girls. Every year I've tried capturing these precious moments with the Autumn color. I have documented them every year since Twix was born except for 2017. We were a bit preoccupied and distracted in 2017 with Entrepreneur's brain surgery and … Continue reading Strolling down memory lane

Photo Challenge: Snap Away!

We close another month and, mercifully, are one step closer to being done with 2020! PJ's prompt for September's was Snap Away! Open-ended, for sure. And, lends itself to a lot of interpretations. So let's start with the end of summer.  The hummers are still circling the feeders and showing no sign of heading south … Continue reading Photo Challenge: Snap Away!

March Photo Challenge: Seven

I've missed some photo challenges but vow to get back into the swing of things beginning this month. PJ's theme for March was Seven.....commemorating his seven year anniversary of hosting this photo challenge. Seven just happens to be my all-time favorite number. Biblically, it symbolizes completeness or perfection. Whether you read Genesis literally or metaphorically, … Continue reading March Photo Challenge: Seven