D is for Daniel

We know him as the man who shut the mouths of lions. But at one time, Daniel was a Jewish teenager who loved doing *teenage boy things*. Now what teenage boys did in 600BC is anyone's guess but I betcha his agenda didn't include having his country ransacked by the Babylonians and being thrown into exile … Continue reading D is for Daniel

O is for Obadiah

O-bla-di, O-bla-da....no, that's not it. Obi Wan.....no, that's not it either. Oh, now I remember! It's Obadiah. Probably not a name that will appear on top 10 baby name lists anytime soon. But it used to be quite popular...say like from around 840 to 580BC. Obadiah...was he called Obi for short? I dunno. Anyway, this … Continue reading O is for Obadiah